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weekend in photos

This was a fabulous weekend for me. Saturday we went to the Renegade Craft Fair in San Francisco. I cannot wait to post our crazy fun/silly pictures from the Magnolia Photo Booth. I bought a zip up hoodie from R&L/chickabird and some small fun items.

Sunday I went to Castle in the Air and picked up some new colorful inks for calligraphy practice. I bought an alphabet from Linea Carta at the fair and was all ready to jump back into my calligraphy practice. I wrote up a bunch of thank you notes at Local 123 and sipped a delicious mocha. The rain did not keep me from enjoying every second of my weekend. ^_^

novembers: a look back

We all just moved to Berkeley and lived in Cloud Ninth. It was fun times. I loved to ride my bicycle along the Bay Trail and see the birds at the Aquatic Park. Together we played Quiddler and Magic the Gathering.

Still at C9th this year and having fun exploring the Bay Area. I was going to SF for school and maiki to San Jose to visit SVBC. We had a projector and watched a ton of media.

We had moved to Highwind and it was a cold and drafty house! We drank a lot to keep warm. maiki figured out how to make fantastic hot toddies. I worked at the Bread Workshop and practiced calligraphy. In Japantown, Bushi Tei Bistro opened and maiki and I enjoyed Humanitas Cabernet and Sake flights.

b-day road trip

Reserved one of our regular City Car Share cars and went on a road trip. Visited our old home and old haunts. My actual birthday we went wine tasting and came home with a mostly full case of wine. ^_^ We made a figure eight of a drive there and back and made sure we crossed all three north bay area bridges in the process. Today off to the Renegade Craft Fair at Fort Mason!

academy of sciences

2010-03-06 16.50.25

I visited the California Academy of Sciences yesterday for the first time with Jason and Joanna. We had found out that teachers (and other heroes!) receive free admission until March 15th. It was easier to get to than I had thought and we ended up taking the N Muni train pretty much directly to Golden Gate Park. I loved all of the exhibits and was happy to see lots of frogs and alligator/crocodiles! I took a few pictures of fish, frogs and such but most did not come out that great. We were all laughing about their albino crocodile that looked like he was made of stone. We confirmed that he was alive but he is very lazy. I would like to return when I have more time to spend. Also the Japanese Tea Garden is very close by and visiting there is a must!