spring in El Segundo

As soon as Emma finished fifth grade we headed south to stay with Grandpa/my Dad.

Grandpa and Barbara and babies!

We ate out a lot and I drank many El Segundo brews of course!

We took this handsome guy for walks with Barbara while his mommy Elayne was out of town.

Emma and aunt Joan

The pier is so fun to walk down but the weather was pretty foggy the whole time we were there and then the sun would come out at 5pm.

My big brother John

Garden at the Getty museum.

Emma loved played Bingo!

Emma with aunt Elayne

Beach day with Stephanie and Sandra, where we saw dolphins!

We had the best time and I already want to go back. ❤

lately in photos

We visited a really great Thai restaurant recently. I had pad thai without egg and I felt normal and happy in my tummy.

Glass frogs from the Academy of Sciences that I forgot to post earlier. I recently read that Frogcore is a thing. I laughed hard at that but I have always been a admirer from my beginnings.

Spring weather has arrived in Oakland and we have taken to sitting by the lake and enjoying the sunshine.

Trees are in bloom everywhere. 🙂

Emma has glasses. She has really wanted glasses and now she has a reason to wear them.

Jump rope star.

We had a little date before maiki head out of town. ❤️

staying in Pacifica

We stayed in a little beach house near the pier.

The town is small and walkable. We always visit the public libraries, local market and cafes.

These beautiful purple blooms were everywhere. And I am obsessed with all of the cypress trees.

The golf course by the ocean preserved the wetlands.

We took a lovely wet walk up the headlands.

My favorite meal was at a British Pub called Camelot. We had snakebites (Guinness and Cider) and fish and chips. It was a meal I will definitely return for.

We loved staying so close to the Pacific ocean and hearing the waves crash all night.

I love the ocean!

Academy of Sciences

We finally went to see Claude and the penguins and the fishes at the Cal Academy of Sciences!!!

It is kind of like spring break for our family and later this week we will take a trip to stay by the ocean. Maybe I will see more whales!

On our walk home I actually saw a barn owl that must live around our neighborhood. I have seen it previously when we walked by the garden at night. They have an owl box in the gardens so maybe it hangs out there. I was so happy to end my day by seeing the owl.