I love graphic design and typography, architecture and interior design, fashion and photography. I studied design at the Academy of Art and occasionally do work with my partner maiki who builds community websites. For ten years I was a pre-school teacher and now have the opportunity to stay at home and teach my own growing child. I enjoy watching anime, being car free, cooking as much as I can and traveling around the Bay Area with my little family.

There are so many things that inspire me! I love autumn, Sigur Ros, chocolate, Makoto Skinkai, calligraphy, snail mail, drinking coffee, Etsy, riding bikes, Honey and Clover, every museum, Naruto, drinking tea, NGT, making soup, Sherlock Holmes, taking the train, old jazz, Sandra Juto, wearing scarves, Yann Tiersen, Yo Yo Ma, walking everywhere, Kinokuniya, toast, felted wool, film adaptations of Jane Austen novels, music from Samurai Champloo, linen, Wes Anderson films, Natsume Ono, Miette caramels and shortbread, fairy lights, living next to Lake Merritt, Moss & Roy, having a pint, Haruki Murakami novels, Emma Clover and maiki.



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  1. I was curious if you possibly still have your sakura bloom ring sling and would be interested in selling it ? Sorry for such a random question !

    Thank you!

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