making bread

I have been thinking about how I love to make one specific bread recipe and how I want to share how easy it is. But then I piled everything I use to make one loaf on my counter and it’s a lot of things! Starting out on my own twenty something years ago I did not cook as much as I do now. I was thinking it would be fun to catalog some of my favorite items that I use daily/weekly.

Bread pan. Also parchment which I think is indispensable.
Muffin pan. And parchment muffin liners!
Sheet pan. Besides baking I also use it to get my pizza out of the oven all the time.
Measuring cups/spoons. I bought nice ones from King Arthur flour including a measuring spoon for yeast and I love them.
Whisk. I tend to use the whisk to mix dry ingredients more often but it does it’s job.
Glass liquid measure cup.
Hot water dispenser. My favorite thing in the kitchen aside from the coffee grinder!
Varying sized mixing bowls. I like the metal ones. Preferably bowls that stack.
Scrapers and spatulas and a big spoon.
Kitchen scissors and can opener.
Oven mitts.
Dutch oven. I bought one made by Lodge years ago and it’s fantastic.
Saucepans. I have two of the same size because I always needed more than one.
Pizza stone. I make pizza every Sunday.
Tortilla press. Gets used many times a week. Very easy to make tortillas from scratch and so delicious.
Frying Pan. I seem to replace these more often so maybe I need to buy better ones. The last one I’ve kept maybe five years.
Cast iron pan. This is actually maiki’s pan for frying eggs. Definitely no meat.
Toaster. Obviously the best invention ever!
Pour over coffee gadgets + filters. I love this OXO one and also Aeropress!
Coffee grinder. I have an inexpensive one and it’s great.
Loose tea ball with handle. I drink herbal tea nightly and prefer loose leaf teas for less waste.

Most of these items are so ubiquitous you could get them at a hardware store. Really I just try to avoid plastic items. My only specialty items are the pizza stone and tortilla press which were appliances I would not want to live without and have used consistently for years.

Homeschooling begins

Third grade! So far Emma is working on two pages of a math workbook every day after breakfast. Grammar workbook is added a few times a week also. We have begun to re-read History of the World and some afternoons I read a chapter aloud and we reference maps and other books and she makes notes and definitions. So far it is a good start. Afternoons in the garden provide emerging science activities and research. She loves to read and has begun scribbling down words to look up in the dictionary later from her audio book time. I am excited to see where her interests will lead us.

External learning websites that Emma really enjoys are The Kids Should See This, Mystery Science and Brain Pop Jr.