Puppet Fair at Children’s Fairyland

We recently visited Children’s Fairyland for a Puppet showcase. It was an amazing day and the perfect opportunity to return to a favorite place. The line up of puppet shows was so wonderful and we also saw the children’s theater perform. Emma is now interested in joining them!

We watched the “Three Dinosaurs Gruff” performed by Randal Metz of The Puppet Company, “Jack and the Beanstalk” performed by the Children’s Theater, “The Frog Prince” performed by Fratello Marionettes, “It Could Always Be Worse” performed by Children’s Fairyland and A Bob Baker Marionette variety show.

“The Frog Prince” was the highlight of the day. maiki snapped a picture of me with the frog on my head. 🙂

There were many puppets presented from the archives. This is the dragon from “The Dragon Who Wasn’t.”

Kreepie & Batty are from “Tricks N’ Treats” which is my favorite puppet show from all the years visiting Fairyland. It is halloween themed and so funny and well written. We watched it for one season when Emma was small and have quoted it ever since.

Our last visit to Fairyland was for Halloween before the pandemic began. Emma Clover was already too tall to go on the carousel. We feared it may be the last time inside our neighborhood haunt with our maturing child.

Emma Clover was ecstatic to be back inside the park and raced around showing me her favorite details.

free first Sunday

We attended the free first Sunday at the Oakland Museum of California. It is a great place to visit.

Oakland used to be full of oaks trees.

The museum provides beautiful free gardens and calming spaces to relax aside from the galleries. We love the koi pond.

It was a lovely sunday to visit and we were thankful for perfect weather.


A couple years back I received a small 3 cup food processor. It is easy to take apart and clean and easy to use. I have always been a fan of blending sweet concoctions and smoothies. My favorite is peanut butter and banana.

I was excited to try making vegan chocolate pudding made with avocados. It was a total success and so much cheaper than the local cafe. Emma would rather make pudding with lactose free milk on the stove top but I find chocolate avocado pudding very yummy.

My friend shared her home made hummus and I realized I could do this too! I bought tahini and citrus garlic powder from Trader Joe’s and was jazzed with the result. It was a lower acid version with the citrus garlic powder and I also like to add cumin.

Next I tried vegan pesto made with nutritional yeast and sunflower seeds. The processor couldn’t make the seeds smooth because they were below the blades but I enjoy the texture. Arugula pesto is also awesome if one doesn’t have basil.

I am having so much fun with this little appliance. I wish I would have bought one years ago. Do you have any good recipes for blending in a food processor?


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