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Please vote for a decent person for President

A decent person does not align themselves with those who are proudly racist and insists America does not have a racism problem.

A decent person does not support the ICE family separations at the border. No children in cages.

A decent person does sexually assault girls and women.

I could say so much more about the politics of our country but please consider this. Please do not vote for indecent creeps.

artwork by Phoebe Wahl

favorites on Etsy right now

Millefiori art glass pendant. I have one that I thrifted and it’s so beautiful. The colors of this one are so lovely and my little Clover really wants one to match mama.

Cute brown boots. I cannot help always wanting more cute booties!

Wood block Moomin figures. We just finished reading all nine of the Moomin books by Tove Jansson as a family and Emma Clover really wants these figures to play with.

My favorite new piece of artwork, commissioned by my niece Claire from her Etsy shop. It’s a lovely addition to my home.