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visiting family

Emma and I flew to El Segundo to visit family. We stayed with my Dad (grandpa). It was very fun but so hot!

One afternoon we visited the Getty museum. It is free and so lovely. We only went in one building but saw paintings, photography and decorative arts.

We sat outside under the big umbrellas and sipped coffee. It was so nice there. I wish it was not so hot so we could have gone through the gardens.

One day we went to the Del Amo mall in Torrance. There was a new Mitsuwa marketplace. The Kinokuniya bookstore is our favorite.

We ate outside in the evenings on the patio at my Dad’s place. It would start to cool off and we would just chill out there.

Our beach day was so refreshing. The breeze off the ocean was cool and it was the first time I wasn’t sweating. Emma enjoyed playing on the shore and watching dolphins play out in the water.

We visited with lots of family. I had so much fun that I forgot to take more pictures. It was so great to hug my siblings after a long time apart.

maiki had been traveling as well and we were super happy to be reunited again.

A new dress for Emma

Emma and I were visiting the main library one afternoon when I came upon the book “The Widow’s Broom” by Chris Van Allsburg. I read it and immediately thought both maiki and Emma would love it! I read it to Emma and then checked it out. As we walked towards home she looked at the pictures again, really focusing on a picture of a witch that was wearing a long black dress with buttons down the front. She declared “Mom, she looks so lovely! Her dress is so elegant.” As we walked Emma continued to study the illustration of the witch.

We ended up wandering into the Field Day shop. They make beautiful clothes for women. In the back was this dress that perfectly matched the illustration. It was long and black and had buttons down the front. Also they only had a small and extra small size left. I encouraged Emma to try it on and it was a perfect fit. My mouth dropped open. It was like it was made for her. We talked about how it was important to buy new clothes from the people that made them. Plus it is a small women owned local business. I suggested we get it and it is stunning. Emma wore it daily until it got too warm but she is looking forward to her new autumn dress.

This “Fiona” style dress in the picture is extra small. We ended buying the small so that it would fit her a bit longer.

It just so happens that Field Day is the shop Emma got her first broom. Such a little witch! ^_^

thinking about autumn in a heat wave

Yup, that is right I am thinking about autumn in a heat wave. Really the bay area has had a very mild summer. Now its September and its finally warming up and the pools are closed and the kids have almost been in school for a month.

Anyways, I blame the Toast UK autumn lookbook. Its so wonderfully cozy and chock full of boots, woolen pullovers, plaid and scarves. I am predictable and steady. I would probably still have all of the sweaters, coats and plaid things I have ever owned if it were possible to keep every piece of clothing one has owned for twenty five years.

Another great thing on the internet are pictures from past catalogs that people post. They all seem timeless. I had a page torn out from a catalog on my closet door in our Highwind house It was this cat sitting on a wool blanket (as seen below). The paper was thick for a catalog and in those days Toast would send them across the world for free. I would gush over the quality of them to maiki and memorize every page. Now I make do with digital versions but I appreciate them all the same.

As I much as I love Toast I have never bought anything from them. My plan has always been to find inspiration and then scope out the thrift and vintage shops. Nowadays I use Thred Up and Etsy as well as thrift and resale shops. Good design does not go out of style.