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summer pajamas

I love the flannel pajamas that I got at the beginning of winter. They are soft and cozy and it feels so nice to have a set. Lately the weather has not been warm but I recall summer days and nights that are so hot in our apartment that clothes seem unnecessary. It would be nice to have light summer pjs and I have my eyes on the Salter House collection for when those days come around. The cotton pajamas in rose print are my favorite (for sleep) but I also think that the night dress styles would be perfect for lounging about.

playing with art supplies and drinking champagne

playing with art supplies and drinking champagne

We visited the Flax art store to attend their pen fair. It was really an enjoyable time. maiki and Judy both purchased pens and ink. They use fountain pens that have converters so that one can refill their pens ink. This is a big advantage because one does not have to keep tossing out plastic ink cartridges.

The pens all wrote beautifully and are much smoother than my beginner nib that I bought for calligraphy years ago. I may also want to level up to a fancy fountain pen one day as well. They made my handwriting look beautiful. 🙂

In addition to neat pens Flax has gorgeous art supplies. We all had so much fun writing and drawing and experimenting. I love that Clover brought her own small journal in her pocket to write and draw in.