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a busy week for a 9 year old

Out in the world this week was a real doozy. We had elections for the senate seats in Georgia, insurgents took the Capitol building, Congress decided to stop fighting Biden as our next president and now there is talk of impeaching Trump in the final days before the end of his term. Oh yeah, and yesterday there were over 300,000 new cases of covid-19 in the U.S.

At home, in our Oakland apartment Emma Clover has decided to take on a number of difficult tasks from cracking nuts, to making pancakes on her own and doing multiplication problems. She is trying them out and mastering them all at once. In addition to new endeavors she still volunteers at the bonsai garden, tells brilliant original stories and reads aloud chapter books with her own voices. It is amazing to witness child and human development and I am proud to see so much growth at a very insecure time in the world.

Book list 2020

In the last year I chose all different kinds of books to read. I found that the material needed to be lighter and each book had to be worth the emotional energy to be finished. This time I also included chapter books Emma and I read together. Every night ended with maiki reading aloud to us and it was the most memorable part of 2020. He read all of the Moomin books, both Children of Noisy Village, three from Betsy Tacy collection and now working through the books of Mary Poppins. Listening to him read aloud is like attending a theatrical production of our favorite stories.

Book List :

Howards End

The Empty House

I Capture the Castle

The Hazel Wood

The Saturdays

Miss Happiness and Miss Flower

The Summer Book

Secret of the Old Clock

Hungry Planet

The Van Gogh Cafe

Your 9-year-old

Crazy Rich Asians trilogy

Olive, Again

On Beauty

Grand Union: Stories


The Night Circus

The Notebook

My Antonia

When We Were Young and Brave

The Family Under the Bridge

The Starless Sea

How to Do Nothing

My favorites by far were written by Erin Morgenstern. I guess I should be choosing more fantasy novels!