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Jeeves and Wooster

We are watching the series “Jeeves and Wooster” and it is very entertaining. My first introduction to Hugh Laurie was in the film “Sense and Sensibility” and then hearing his voice as the animated Beatrix Potter character Johnny Town Mouse. Funny enough Jason’s favorite show was “House.” Clover and I first heard Stephen Fry as the narrator of “Pocoyo” and maiki and I watched him in “QI” and other documentary shows (maybe I also remembered seeing him in “V for Vendetta” as well but my memory is not great). When maiki found out that the pair were in a show together in the nineties he encouraged that we give it a go. I am so very pleased that we did and now we know that they made the sketch comedy show “A Bit of Fry and Laurie” (which is brilliant) and participated in the Footlights at Cambridge together with their friend Emma Thompson! I have enjoyed the rabbit hole and hope to watch “House” and listen to Fry narrate all of “Harry Potter” for me someday.

then and now, with the whale mural

On Wednesday we walked down Virginia in Berkeley on our way to Emma’s class and decided to go and see if the whale mural was still there. Turns out there is a lot foliage growing all around the sea animals painted on the wall but we decided to take a picture with the whale to recreate this one that I took back in 2013. It is so very adorable to me and I am happy that Emma played along.

a day out

Saturday we walked all over Oakland and to Alameda. It was a lovely cool and breezy afternoon and we walked mostly on flat ground so we did not even feel that we had gone far at all.

We started walking around Lake Merritt and stopped at Snow park playground.

We watched the dragon boat races at the lake, stopped in Lucky’s market, looked in a thrift store and continued on our way.

We found a foot bridge that crossed over a highway, a train track and a BART track and decided to cross it to get to the marina.

Our path had led us to LJ Quinn’s Lighthouse restaurant where we stopped for calamari, peanuts and Drakes.

We walked along the Bay trail and unexpectedly found another playground.

The walk along the bay was so nice and we found a neat statue that paid tribute to women who helped shape Oakland, like the first school teacher.

Next we walked along the bridge that crosses over to Alameda.

Clover loves the toy shop there because they have used Calico Critters and she brought home some new friends.

lately in photos

We keep ourselves busy and are always having fun. Here is what we have been up to as of late.

Doing school. Learning math, reading Greek myths, going to knitting class, doing a science block on the water cycle, listening to Little House audio stories, reading, writing, spelling, library visits. You get the idea.

Play dates, potlucks and picnics.

Celebrated the harvest moon festival with moon cakes and moon viewing.

Baking and cooking and playing cafe at home.