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Clover lately in photos

I have been taking Emma to school in the morning and picking her up each afternoon. It has been quite cold and we wear all of our layers. On the walk to school we see turkeys on the walk home we see cats. It is a good time to chat and hear about her school days.

Some Saturdays we hang out with Judy. This particular afternoon in Temescal we showed her our favorite places, like the reuse store, Baggu store and Ruby’s Garden. We had just made snickerdoodles cookies and eaten quite a few so we had to skip Curbside Creamery.

Here she is with her beloved ice cream fish at the Koreana plaza marketplace where we bought a large fifteen pound bag of rice. Thankfully we brought it home in our cool rolling cart. Here is an older picture of Clover eating ice cream fish from 2014.

making these things in the kitchen

Cooking from scratch always works out best for me. I use less packaging and spend less money. I do find I spend a little bit more time in the kitchen but when I have the time to spare it is so enjoyable. I have been loving recipes from the site Cookie and Kate. This lentil soup is a favorite and I make it pretty much every other week. When looking for a good recipe for quinoa I found one on Cookie and Kate that looked perfect. The quinoa black bean mixture is so delicious (and healthy). I made the tortillas as well and we ate this quinoa with avocado and olives for dinner last night! It was a win for sure. It makes great leftovers too.

I recently read the book Ten Things That You Need to Eat and since have been trying to incorporate more cabbage, kale and green vegetables to my meal planning. We already eat well but I want to make dinners more vegetable filled for growing my seven-year-old. One night we had “green soup” with leeks, spinach and cabbage. Emma actually really liked it and could not pick out the green parts since it was mostly blended and thickened with potato.

Still making muffins, tortillas and pizza dough weekly but I have been lax on bread baking. I want to get back into it and am thinking about trying a focaccia recipe next. I have been buying rosemary focaccia from local Semifreddi’s bakery and its not too expensive but I know that I could make it in my kitchen. I make a yummy olive bread with rosemary that we love but I want to try this pan variation that does not need eggs. Also I think I am ready to make challah too! My last school made a dough without eggs and it was still really good. Emma and maiki love when I get excited about bread baking because they get to be my taste testers.