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trip to Los Angeles

I decided to go on a little trip on my own to visit my parents for the weekend since I had a few extra days off. I took a Megabus to downtown L.A. and my sister trekked over to pick me up.

These beautiful trees were all over downtown including where I was waiting by the Union Station bus transit area.

I was happy to play nurse for my Mom who is home from the hospital after a stroke. I made chicken soup and muffins and assisted her in any way that I could. It was a nice, but short trip. The next day I was back to caring for my own child and the little ones in my classroom at work. I miss living close to my parents and I felt better having gone to see them.

making lunch for school

Now that Emma Clover and I are both going to school everyday (different places) we need to pack a lunch to bring along. Both schools have long lists of foods not to bring so we have had to be a little creative. I have access to a refrigerator and she does not and I have been trying to keep them similar with just small tweaks. Last week on Sunday I made a big bean salad with olive oil and red wine vinegar, a pot of farro and cooked some beets. She would get cubed cheddar with her main food and I would have some goat yogurt with my fruit. I liked that I had made food ahead of time and just added a little bit here and there every night to make them a bit different from the day before. Throw in some carrots, crackers or pumpkin seeds (only for me) and change up the fruit and it worked out for almost the whole five days. By Friday Emma had some leftover beans with cheese and chips thrown in and I had a bagel with lox at work. This week I made a pot of farro with cooked carrots, corn and cumin. The farro is great with black beans added but we can use pinto or kidney beans too through out the week. We have cooked oatmeal that I sprinkled with cinnamon for the fruit base. Tomorrow the fruit is fresh peaches and it looks quite delicious.

We both actually are super lucky to have other food options at our schools. The office at my work always had food that someone brought in or is leftover from an event. Having some dietary restrictions I can partake only a bit here and there but it is nice to know that there is always a bag of corn chips from a leftover snack at school if I am in a bind. At Clover’s school free lunch is offered but due to the amount of foods not allowed at school means that it is always a meat option and she is still eating a vegetarian diet. I know that if she wanted to she would be able to grab a juice or applesauce and be okay too. She informed me that it all comes with a lot of packaging and I said it really was okay. Don’t worry about packaging if you are hungry and there is food available. She is a sweet one. 🙂

homeschooling in june

We took a little break before getting back to school work. It was however full of learning experiences of course! We flew down to Los Angeles to visit family. We drove to Point Reyes and checked out a lighthouse. We went to the CAL botanical gardens. We had a picnic in the Oakland rose garden. We visited the Academy of Sciences. We attended a painting and ice cream making activity day at the Jr. Art and Science center. We watched a bunch of things, like Muppets, Little Bear and the BBC show Britain in Bloom. We laid in the grass and read books and played and cooked. It all felt glorious and refreshing and then we were ready to get back to work.

I picked up about 30 Bob books from the library and we started going through them one at a time until all of a sudden Clover was reading. She sounded out every letter and remembered some of the words. She could not memorize them though and had to actually read which was exactly what she needed. They have been great resources and we are ready for our next pile of Bob books.

We finished the rest of the Kindergarten phonics book and started on math again. I had picked up some base ten foam pieces from the school resource center and we have started to experiment with those. I feel like the material we have covered as of late is first grade level stuff like long vowels and number place values. We will continue chipping away it through the next month or so.

It feels good to work year round, taking a couple weeks off here and there. This summer Emma will try out Capoeira at the YMCA and we will continue to swim. We have firm plans to attend every concert that the Oakland municipal band performs and probably eat a lot of watermelon and strawberries. We will continue with our read aloud chapter books like Betsy Tacy and the Children of Noisy Village and Emma practicing with those Bob books. I think she will be so excited and ready for first grade.

Families belong together

You all know the most heart wrenching thing that a parent can imagine is having their child taken from them. I feel sick to my stomach lately reading about the Trump’s administrations “zero tolerance” policy on immigration. Children are being taken away from their families without their knowledge or consent because they entered into this county. I am so saddened that it is happening here in the United States and that is has gone on more than a day, more than a week.

A majority of families are coming here are escaping violence. I myself would make the same decision if in their shoes. Asking asylum from the United States is not against the law but yet we are imprisoning the adults and separating the children like actual Nazis. I don’t care if we are separated by political points of views, this is atrocious behavior and I cannot wrap my head around it. How can we not act in a more humane way?