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Oakland Zoo

On Halloween our family decided to go to the zoo. It was a neat day to visit because they were giving out animal trading cards. At the end of the scavenger hunt type collection of these cards you received a OCHO chocolate bar. Emma had a wonderful time collecting the cards and we all enjoyed the amazing real life animals.

Alligators are my very favorite.

The gondola ride is super fun but also it takes you to a whole new part of the zoo!

Bear hug?!

October in pictures

The birthday girl!

Emma made this in her fabric dye class.

Emma has a drama and writing class in this park.

Visited Acme bread and fell in love with their jam biscuits.

Home schooler hard at work.

House in Berkeley decorated for Halloween.


Even I dressed up for the homeschooler Halloween party.

maiki with the beautiful garden sign.

This mask was a gift. So pretty!

Autumn Lights Festival, 2022

This year Emma and I volunteered for the Autumn Lights Festival with the bonsai garden. We help set up and also worked the event for two of the nights. Emma was able to explore the festival solo which was very exciting for them.

Setting up the lights of the “river bed.”

photo by Robert

Selfie when we walked around the festival together.

Cute bird house outside of the bonsai garden.

These were my colorful wristbands.