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Book list 2021

Oh William!
The Book Woman of Troublesome Creek
Raising a Rare Girl
The Four Winds
The Midnight Library
Come as You Are
Life Among the Savages
We Have Always Lived in the Castle
How to Do Nothing
In Five Years: A Novel

I read fewer novels this year than ever but I instantly forgave myself when I thought about the year I had. Never ending pandemic feels and the loss of my Mother made for a very distracted brain. The books I did read I really liked and wanted to pick up and finish.

Emma read aloud many books this year, including The Secret Garden which I loved. maiki read the works of P.G. Wodehouse to me since we adore watching Jeeves & Wooster. I recently tried the audiobook version of William Trevor’s short story collection A Bit on the Side and I did find many of them fascinating. I don’t find I enjoy audiobooks as much as Emma but it was neat to try.

field trip to the Bay Model

The Bay Model in Sausalito was created in the late 1950s to illustrate how disasterous it would be to fill in any more of the SF bay. The effects of mining from the Gold Rush had already filled in so much. The hydraulic scale model is constructed of concrete and shows at a glance the San Francisco bay and the Sacramento river delta. With computers this research is done with fancy software and the model is now a learning resource to educate the public.

Protecting the bay is as important now as ever. We need the water for consumption, water for farming and water for our natural habitats so it’s great to share with the kids that the adults are serious about protecting our natural resources.

A docent took us on a tour through the Bay Model.

This poster shows the areas covered.

Keep our waters clean!

This beloved mural was a highlight.

Our lunch spot!

Afterwards we walked around Sausalito and took in the views.

Emma ended her adventures with chocolate ice cream.

trip to El Segundo

We travelled to Los Angeles to go to Disneyland, visit with family and celebrate Emma’s tenth birthday and Halloween. It was an epic trip!

Our evening flight was delayed but we still went to Disneyland the next morning. 🙂

Saturday we slept in and went to the Halloween frolic on Main Street. Emma dressed up and collected candy. We shared churro balls and they were so good!

Elayne hosted a birthday party for Emma. It was so much fun! Emma requested bbq ribs and chocolate brownies. She probably ate most of that fruit plate. 🙂

I drank frozen margaritas and chatted all night. Emma opened some presents and loved all the attention.

Sunday morning we went to breakfast and then brought flowers to where my Mom is buried. We were happy to see her stone was recently installed.

She is next to my brother Joey. It was nice to visit and there were lots of people bringing flowers to their loved ones.

Emma found sweet pictures in my parents album like this one when she was a baby!

That night we celebrated Halloween.

Emma trick or treated a little bit and also gave out candy at aunt Elayne’s house.

We had so much fun and I think Emma will always remember these days filled with love.