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lately in photos

We visited a really great Thai restaurant recently. I had pad thai without egg and I felt normal and happy in my tummy.

Glass frogs from the Academy of Sciences that I forgot to post earlier. I recently read that Frogcore is a thing. I laughed hard at that but I have always been a admirer from my beginnings.

Spring weather has arrived in Oakland and we have taken to sitting by the lake and enjoying the sunshine.

Trees are in bloom everywhere. 🙂

Emma has glasses. She has really wanted glasses and now she has a reason to wear them.

Jump rope star.

We had a little date before maiki head out of town. ❤️

we come for nature, stay for the frogs

Since the garden is open and utterly beautiful we find ourselves walking there most days. It is always the right temperature. Emma likes to sit and read books together or work on her math workbook and so we find homeschooling is easier in this relaxed way. Then she runs off and finds something interesting and we meet up to look at the frogs. They are small and hide in the green leaves that stick up out of the pond. It is meditative to really look and notice them hiding in plain sight.