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autumn redwood walk

We drove to our favorite spot in the Oakland Hills. It is called Reinhard Redwood Regional Park.

We saw so many ladybugs (too many!) and I learned they are actually called lady beetles. They all arrive at their ancestral hibernations grounds to wait out the winter. They like this area near the redwoods and the stream.

We ate our lunch here then walked a little further on the trail towards Skyline, but did not continue all the way.

It was darker and colder on the trail along the redwoods. Thank goodness we were all bundled up. I love visiting this forest. It is so magical and close to where we live!

A new dress for Emma

Emma and I were visiting the main library one afternoon when I came upon the book “The Widow’s Broom” by Chris Van Allsburg. I read it and immediately thought both maiki and Emma would love it! I read it to Emma and then checked it out. As we walked towards home she looked at the pictures again, really focusing on a picture of a witch that was wearing a long black dress with buttons down the front. She declared “Mom, she looks so lovely! Her dress is so elegant.” As we walked Emma continued to study the illustration of the witch.

We ended up wandering into the Field Day shop. They make beautiful clothes for women. In the back was this dress that perfectly matched the illustration. It was long and black and had buttons down the front. Also they only had a small and extra small size left. I encouraged Emma to try it on and it was a perfect fit. My mouth dropped open. It was like it was made for her. We talked about how it was important to buy new clothes from the people that made them. Plus it is a small women owned local business. I suggested we get it and it is stunning. Emma wore it daily until it got too warm but she is looking forward to her new autumn dress.

This “Fiona” style dress in the picture is extra small. We ended buying the small so that it would fit her a bit longer.

It just so happens that Field Day is the shop Emma got her first broom. Such a little witch! ^_^

petting zoo at the library

We were so excited to visit the petting zoo at the Lakeview library. It has been a couple of years since they had it (stupid pandemic) and we were both looking forward to it. Of course the rabbits are the favorites but all the animals were fun and full of personality. Unfortunately I did not get a photo of the alpaca but it was very soft and had a cute face.

In the library Emma submitted her first twenty books for the summer reading program and received a free book and family passes to the Oakland zoo. It was a happy surprise to receive the zoo passes. maiki and I were just discussing a visit and noted I could rent a wheel chair or we could take a shuttle tour. I love the Oakland zoo and am looking forward to visiting with maiki for their first time.