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so long and thanks for all the fish

so long and thanks for all the fish

On our last day in Los Angeles Emma Clover decided to match me. She was tickled by it and I gave in since we were traveling and then it looked like we went together.

It was definitely a perfect trip to visit family. We went to the beach twice, collected shells and playing dominoes with Grandma.

We ate at the Blue Butterfly, watched Mary Poppins and got ice cream cones.

We stayed with aunt Elayne and uncle John (my siblings) and ate yummy breakfasts of peanut butter toast and strong coffee, which is my favorite thing.

We went to Stephanie and Justin’s wedding and spent lots of time with Grandma and Grandpa just hanging out and eating out a lot. 🙂

until next time….

the big trip

So we are back from the Big Trip and it was an interesting time indeed. I went into it quite anxious. Emma Clover had not been in a car seat since she was six weeks old (and now she is seven months!) and my parents were bringing up topics of baptism and religion I did not want to spend my vacation arguing with anyone about anything. Neither were as bad as I thought and deep philosophical conversations were not brought up. Emma did get her first tooth and occasionally cried on the drive down. She was a champ otherwise and I sat next to her (in the back seat ^_^) the whole time. We visited one of our favorite secret spots, the Mitsuwa Marketplace in Strawberry Park in San Jose on Saratoga and went to the Clover Bakery, Kinokuniya Bookstore and Mitsuwa Market. Did not get Kahoo Ramen but it is the BEST ramen you will ever eat. We bought manga, ate treats, found amazing Strawberry Vanilla green tea and loved every moment of the the stop that is only an hour away. In Southern California we visited Jason, Kevin, Victoria, my parents and attended a wedding where half of El Segundo was in attendance. We drove over a thousand miles and tried to enjoy ourselves as much as possible. Emma wore two cutie dresses and maiki and I dressed fancy for the wedding. The bride was the most beautiful that I have ever seen and decorated her reception with amazing flowers and artwork. We missed half of the reception because it was so dang loud and Emma (and maiki) were over stimulated by the throngs of people loving on Emma and hungry. Luckily the happy newlyweds live in the Bay Area so we can spend much more time with them in the future. Emma and I attended a mother’s day brunch where I ate the best french toast of my life and sipped the worst coffee. We did a lot of traveling and were so happy to be home. Emma cried much more on the way back. We took I-5 so it went faster I suppose but it sucked. Los Angeles->Berkeley in one day with a baby is insanity. But we made it back. I love home.