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autumn redwood walk

We drove to our favorite spot in the Oakland Hills. It is called Reinhard Redwood Regional Park.

We saw so many ladybugs (too many!) and I learned they are actually called lady beetles. They all arrive at their ancestral hibernations grounds to wait out the winter. They like this area near the redwoods and the stream.

We ate our lunch here then walked a little further on the trail towards Skyline, but did not continue all the way.

It was darker and colder on the trail along the redwoods. Thank goodness we were all bundled up. I love visiting this forest. It is so magical and close to where we live!

October in pictures

The birthday girl!

Emma made this in her fabric dye class.

Emma has a drama and writing class in this park.

Visited Acme bread and fell in love with their jam biscuits.

Home schooler hard at work.

House in Berkeley decorated for Halloween.


Even I dressed up for the homeschooler Halloween party.

maiki with the beautiful garden sign.

This mask was a gift. So pretty!

visiting family

Emma and I flew to El Segundo to visit family. We stayed with my Dad (grandpa). It was very fun but so hot!

One afternoon we visited the Getty museum. It is free and so lovely. We only went in one building but saw paintings, photography and decorative arts.

We sat outside under the big umbrellas and sipped coffee. It was so nice there. I wish it was not so hot so we could have gone through the gardens.

One day we went to the Del Amo mall in Torrance. There was a new Mitsuwa marketplace. The Kinokuniya bookstore is our favorite.

We ate outside in the evenings on the patio at my Dad’s place. It would start to cool off and we would just chill out there.

Our beach day was so refreshing. The breeze off the ocean was cool and it was the first time I wasn’t sweating. Emma enjoyed playing on the shore and watching dolphins play out in the water.

We visited with lots of family. I had so much fun that I forgot to take more pictures. It was so great to hug my siblings after a long time apart.

maiki had been traveling as well and we were super happy to be reunited again.