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Oakland summer reading and a cool park

The West Oakland library had a kick off to summer reading with a chance to screenprint Oakland library tote bags. The branch was so cool even though it was a hot day and everyone working there was super friendly. We will definitely return to hang out or for Emma to watch anime at their teen anime watching club. maiki visited a couple weeks later to work one morning when our water was turned off at home.

Next we visited a neat park in West Oakland that is right on the bay and next to the shipping port called Middle Harbor Shoreline park. There were great views of San Francisco and the bay laid out before us. The last time I had been there was Emma was a baby!

The next week we went to the Golden Gate library to watch a marionette show. It was amazing as everything the Fratello Marionette Co. does. It was mash up of familiar material set to music so that all could understand despite your primary language. After we stuck around and read stacks of books. It was neat to visit because it is the same design as the Temescal library since they are both Carnegie deigns.

may 2024

Emma went to a school dance with her friend. She returned with a lei and a Nirvana ball cap.

In San Francisco!

Our family visited the Exploratorium with our charter school.

Emma flew a kite at the end of the school year gathering at Caesar Chavez park.

In the redwoods.

I thrifted this amazing hand made sweater that we both have heart eyes for. The color is so bright and lovely.

Emma and I toured Kala’s printmaking and design studio and Emma was enthralled by their large loom.

spring photos

Spring is here. April was showing off. ^_^

A new to me suitcase that I have improved with Posca markers.

We attended a concert at the Paramount theater where they performed Peter and the Wolf and a bunch of other great music. We also got tickets to see a couple of Cal Performances. maiki brought Emma to one and I attended the next. They were both powerful and uplifting.

A special gift of coffee from a friend.

We visited our penguin friends (& Claude!) at the Academy of Sciences.

This visit there were huge insects in the garden.

On the last day of Welcome to Wildlife Emma made this cute terrarium.

Emma has attended three birthday parties in the last month! Lucky girl.

Family walk and picnic in the redwoods.

I am so happy to be just a short drive away from this view.

Shakespeare play

This month Emma performed in William Shakespeare’s play Twelfth Night. The play was put on by her charter school Hickman. The middle school age kids sign up for the class for the winter session and spend the next 8 wednesdays (plus a few extra rehearsals) learning old English and memorizing their lines. It all culminates with a impressive performance on the stage with cosumes and scenery for the community. Emma has a blast.

some pics from February

January and February are not my favorite. However February’s pink flowered covered trees help tremendously!

A rainy walk.

Candlelight makes interiors nicer. This was an afternoon electricity black out.

We decided to get rid of our TV and put up a bunch of artwork on this wall again.

A valentine’s themed park day was a highlight.

A trip to the bakery.

More rain. Lots and lots of rain.

Thankful for the magnolias.