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Yesterday I got a membership to the YMCA and Emma and I went swimming. It was neat to visit Grace’s kids pool in the Berkeley Y and it was warm. We were so happy to swim together. I realized that we both were in need of some swim sandals and that we should really bring our own towels next time. The towel that they give you is quite small. Here are some colorful fun options that I have been spying: Birkenstocks Arizona sandals, Madewell striped towel, Mara Hoffman bathing suit.

Let’s do this!

Let's do this!

We always go to Berkeley’s West campus pool. Its our favorite probably because it was Emma’s first—we don’t count the real first time that Emma just cried at King pool and hated every second of it. Sometimes when we get there I remember that Berkeley’s weather can be unpredictable (particularly in the summer) and there is always a chance for that cool breeze right off the ocean that sails under the Golden Gate and into West Berkeley. We only swam for twenty minutes and got out with goose bumps and purple lips. It was still fun though!