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summer adventuring

Summer vacation so far has been action packed. We began with our L.A. trip and that was so special. Our family hiked in the redwoods and took trips to San Francisco for the Cal Acamedy of Sciences and Japantown. Next Emma had a three week stint at A.C.E. camp (half day) with Hacienda Peralta. The 4th was spent watching the Oakland Municipal Band in Lakeside park. We visited the Alameda County fair and Emma has swim lessons for all of July!

The next month will hopefully include some warm weather for free swim, homeschooler park days and a more relaxed vibe. Sundays afternoons for concerts in the park are the leisurely style we live for. I am looking forward to lizarding a bit and laying down on a blanket to just look up into the trees.

thinking about summer

Making summer plans and they are not what I would have expected. However it will be a time of slow engaging learning and reflection. We have made a few plans and many aspects of our life will stay the same. We enjoy our families rhythms and being together.

Looking forward to watching, reading and making all kinds of new things!

We decided as a family to watch the Muppet Show and a documentary t.v. show called “Steven Fry in America” with six episodes entitled New World, Deep South, Mississippi, Mountains and Plains, True West and Pacific. I am very much looking forward to both of those!

I imagining on the warm days that we will have to set up in Lakeside park with read aloud books and toys to while away the afternoons. Just finished The Cricket in Times Square and the Fairies of Nutfolk Wood. Currently in the middle of the My Fathers Dragon series. Next up is Thimble Summer and anything by Elizabeth Enright. I found three out of four of her Melendy books in the ThriftBooks web store and I know Emma Clover is going to be thrilled when they arrive.

We will continue doing math most mornings with her and have incorporated some free writing time so that she can see what that feels like. She has so much to say, I think that she will learn to have so much to write as well.

Emma has been playing MineTest (open source Minecraft) and is having the best time building and exploring. I have embraced this kind of gaming as Emma needs to have adventures!