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making things

Painting egg carton cups again! Remember when we made mermaids? Emma is a little older and very interested in recreating this project. I got the idea initially from Pinterest. The mermaid idea looked fun and accessible for Emma. There were also egg carton flower garland that were beautiful. Painting has been quite therapeutic so we will probably dive into all sorts of creative projects in the coming weeks.

snippets of our days

Lately its been extra tough with the fear of a novel virus and everything in Emma’s life being put on hold. Even our beloved libraries are closed. We do always have a rhythm about our days that keep us learning and having fun being homeschoolers, so in some ways not so much has changed. However the heavy feeling of isolation and cold weather is a lot to bear. We enjoy the company of others and are used to so many social interactions throughout our days, brightening our weeks. Hoping we do our best for Emma and keep her spirits bright.