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salt dough ornaments

We made salt dough and cut them into hearts and stars and clovers. They were baked on low heat until they seemed done. Some are hung on the tree and some are tied up on a string and hung like garland. They have a cheery look to them with the candy cane string.

Using cookie cutters always reminds me of a favorite Raggedy Ann book from childhood. It’s fun to be grown up and bake.

dollhouse on the balcony

Emma brought her first ever calico critter travel dollhouse out to the balcony this morning. Again she is proving to be the most creative with space. She began her story with the Little House characters moving house and then sets up each detail. She brought along more characters to add to the fun. This will continue for some time so math is on hold. Play comes first. She will only be young once and we are in a pandemic. It’s good to have these priorities in place.