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lately in July

Feeling better these days. I nap in the afternoons sometimes but feeling that I have much more energy than before. Last month at this time I was still experiencing major fatigue. I would never know if I would be too tired to go through with plans made. This month feels so different. I am not managing exhaustion from previous days but just the moment I am in. I can handle that, it makes much more sense. I still fall asleep after every shower but its progress!

Black eyed susans in the gardens.

Visited a beautiful Morrocan store on Piedmont ave.

Emma organized this drawer for me.

Drying out this years straw flowers on the balcony.

Got myself a watch as a birthday present and it arrived sooner than expected.

Moved furniture around in the living room again.

my loves

Yesterday 163,000 new cases of covid-19 were reported in the U.S. I feel like it will be a long time still before the weight of this novel virus that I feel pressing on my chest will go away. The weight of worry a mother carries for her child’s future.

We are present and thankful. We exercise our patience and sometimes feel frustrated but we know we are okay. These pictures remind me we are more than okay.

Clover’s room

It’s like capturing a moment in time. Eight and a half. You played with beads and doll house. You loved reading Moomin and Yotsuba. You did homeschool work at your desk. In this room you listened to audio books. You wanted to join the Melendy’s and the Penderwick’s. In this bed you slept and grew. In these four walls your life carried on though the outside world seemed to lose its balance, fighting a world pandemic and civil rights movement. We talked about these topics of course, but in your room, in your imagination, you dreamed of a more just and safe world for us all.

dollhouse on the balcony

Emma brought her first ever calico critter travel dollhouse out to the balcony this morning. Again she is proving to be the most creative with space. She began her story with the Little House characters moving house and then sets up each detail. She brought along more characters to add to the fun. This will continue for some time so math is on hold. Play comes first. She will only be young once and we are in a pandemic. It’s good to have these priorities in place.