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changing rooms again

Emma likes having her own room for the most part. She loves her dollhouse and desk set up in her own particular way. I appreciate that it all stays in her room now and I don’t have to share my opinion of her love of cluttered spaces. maiki and I like having our own space too. It feels like we share a cute studio that most reflects us. I think that we have finally figured out where all of the furniture fits well and our home is as comfortable as it can be. We don’t strive for less for the sake of minimalism but rather keep the items that are useful and spark joy, as they say. Having a one bedroom apartment for our family still works for now.

only the essentials

As I dwell on our current circumstances and how we all exist now in what is basically a one room studio with a big closet we can access, I realize how few things we use. Its all here in this room: books on the shelf, photos on the wall, blankets and pillows, Emma’s dollhouse, our electronics and a functional kitchen. We have access to laundry down the hall and more clothes and shoes than we need. We have the best food we can buy. We have clean water. Outside is the lake, garden, libraries, museums. What else could we need?

When I read about people fleeing their homes and rushing to grab those precious itemsĀ that they do not want to lose I wonder what would I take? Photos, hard drives, friends’ artwork, momentos? They are spread all over our home. I keep the things I love and use all around me and would be floundering to collect them all if I had to evacuate in a hurry. I would want to take everything! It is an interesting thought exercise for me. At the very least I should better organize our important documents since our individual social security cards, birth certificates, and passports are kept in different locations in the closet!

Emma’s space

Emma's space. She blocks it off with chairs and we have to be invited in.

This is Emma’s space. She blocks it off with chairs and we have to be invited in. She has moved her basket of kitchen toys over there and now sets up dinners and tea parties at the table while I am cooking. It is a multi-purpose corner. Behind the cabinets are books and art supplies. The white table is now officially Emma’s to make messes on and create.

It is interesting sharing a one bedroom apartment with a family of three and we are lucky that it is quite a spacious apartment. We use our bedroom solely for sleeping and so our dining/living room is essentially her play room. Having her things around doesn’t bother me and I am happy that she has carved out areas for her play and her things to stay. Every once in a while I wish that we could move and have two bedrooms. Both for privacy and so that we could have whole rooms all to ourselves (I even made an Etsy board for my little daydream of decorating). In all truthfulness though we love our home here and will probably stay as long as we can because its worth it to us to be where we are right now.

cooling off with aromatherapy mist!

cooling off with aromatherapy mist!

Cooling off with aromatherapy mist! We purchased a couple of these from Muji in the last year, one large and one small, and we love to use them. We have many different fragrances and they can be cool in the warm house or assist us when we are feeling congested. They fragrances from the essential oils lift our moods and comfort us since now they remind us of home. We went through the lavender oil from Muji rather quickly and restocked with a set Kis oils from Amazon.