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Cereal box theater

Mer Mag had posted an adorable project for a cereal box theater and I jumped at the opportunity to create one. I used a larger Trader O’s box, cut the front and added some details. Painting over the printed box turned out to be the only tricky part of the process since we do not have thick paint. After consulting with Emma we decided to cover it with gold dotted tissue paper that looked pretty and covered all the remaining printing still visible through the painted layer. She designed the marquee and I executed her vision. We have been collecting paper dolls for a while now so there are lots of opportunities for play. Another element that I could still add would be a curtain. I will try to find some nice fabric for that soon. I have been holding on to odds and ends so we can shop the closet for what we need during this time of staying in. Emma could hang backgrounds or add whatever she likes to the inside of the theater box moving forward.

***Turned a cloth napkin into golden curtains

The more I think about it I am certain Emma was inspired by “Bread and Jam for Frances” creators Russell and Lilian Hoban for her theater name. She says the name Russell came from Junie B.Jones but then added Lily because it sounded like they fit well together. ❤️

Baking experiments with a starter

Hiya, Susan the baker here to report back on my new starter. This past week I have used it in blueberry pancakes, pizza dough, rolls and a rustic loaf. I am pretty happy with it over all and it is certainly fun to experiment. I honestly had the most doubts with the rustic bread round because I did not follow a recipe but it turned out perfectly edible – it made fantastic french toast anyways. The pizza dough was a success and it enhanced an already fool proof recipe. The pancakes were great. The rolls satisfied a craving for meatball sandwiches I was having. The outside was crunchy from being cooked in covered cast iron pot to begin with in the baking process and had a nice soft inside. Paired with sauce, veggie meatballs and sauteed cabbage it was my favorite meal this week.

I have been keeping the starter out on the counter and regularly feeding it as I take most of it out for baking. I have been going through a lot of flour during a time it is a bit hard to come by in the stores. I am comforted knowing I could always use it less and keep it in the fridge and the starter will stay alive receiving less attention.


Lately I have been mostly in my apartment. I am homeschooling Emma. I am cooking and cleaning up after 21 meals a week. I have been doing laundry and cleaning the bathroom and vacuuming. But really I wanted to share some fun things today.

I have been watching The Musketeers.

I have been reading The Hazel Wood.

I have bought new house shoes/slippers.

I have been making and eating peanut butter bread and anise biscuits.

I have been listening to old jazz and spanish guitar.

I have been thinking about places that I have been and miss. My hometown, Santa Cruz, Japantown, Point Reyes.

I have felt love and sadness and worry and joy and frustration and everything in between, sometimes all in an hour of these never ending days.

bubbles in mid March – posted by San Francisco Chronicle

This photo was taken in mid March. Social/physical distancing was in place a few days and we were going for a walk. Emma saw the person making bubbles and just wanted to run and chase them. I let her but eventually other kids joined in and we left soon after. You can see how much fun it was while it lasted. This photo was published by the San Francisco Chronicle and is still on their site in a slideshow on how the Bay Area is handling covid-19.