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Cereal box theater

Mer Mag had posted an adorable project for a cereal box theater and I jumped at the opportunity to create one. I used a larger Trader O’s box, cut the front and added some details. Painting over the printed box turned out to be the only tricky part of the process since we do not have thick paint. After consulting with Emma we decided to cover it with gold dotted tissue paper that looked pretty and covered all the remaining printing still visible through the painted layer. She designed the marquee and I executed her vision. We have been collecting paper dolls for a while now so there are lots of opportunities for play. Another element that I could still add would be a curtain. I will try to find some nice fabric for that soon. I have been holding on to odds and ends so we can shop the closet for what we need during this time of staying in. Emma could hang backgrounds or add whatever she likes to the inside of the theater box moving forward.

***Turned a cloth napkin into golden curtains

The more I think about it I am certain Emma was inspired by “Bread and Jam for Frances” creators Russell and Lilian Hoban for her theater name. She says the name Russell came from Junie B.Jones but then added Lily because it sounded like they fit well together. ❤️