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Academy of Sciences

We finally went to see Claude and the penguins and the fishes at the Cal Academy of Sciences!!!

It is kind of like spring break for our family and later this week we will take a trip to stay by the ocean. Maybe I will see more whales!

On our walk home I actually saw a barn owl that must live around our neighborhood. I have seen it previously when we walked by the garden at night. They have an owl box in the gardens so maybe it hangs out there. I was so happy to end my day by seeing the owl.

Team Lab at the SF Asian Art museum

We visited the SF Asian Art museum to see the exhibition “Continuity” by Team Lab. The projections of flowers, birds, butterflies were so beautiful and immersive. From the moment I stepped inside I smelled flowers and it was warm and dreamy, especially compared to the stormy weather outside the museum. I am so thankful that Emma and I were invited to see it!