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visiting family

Emma and I flew to El Segundo to visit family. We stayed with my Dad (grandpa). It was very fun but so hot!

One afternoon we visited the Getty museum. It is free and so lovely. We only went in one building but saw paintings, photography and decorative arts.

We sat outside under the big umbrellas and sipped coffee. It was so nice there. I wish it was not so hot so we could have gone through the gardens.

One day we went to the Del Amo mall in Torrance. There was a new Mitsuwa marketplace. The Kinokuniya bookstore is our favorite.

We ate outside in the evenings on the patio at my Dad’s place. It would start to cool off and we would just chill out there.

Our beach day was so refreshing. The breeze off the ocean was cool and it was the first time I wasn’t sweating. Emma enjoyed playing on the shore and watching dolphins play out in the water.

We visited with lots of family. I had so much fun that I forgot to take more pictures. It was so great to hug my siblings after a long time apart.

maiki had been traveling as well and we were super happy to be reunited again.

trip to El Segundo

We travelled to Los Angeles to go to Disneyland, visit with family and celebrate Emma’s tenth birthday and Halloween. It was an epic trip!

Our evening flight was delayed but we still went to Disneyland the next morning. 🙂

Saturday we slept in and went to the Halloween frolic on Main Street. Emma dressed up and collected candy. We shared churro balls and they were so good!

Elayne hosted a birthday party for Emma. It was so much fun! Emma requested bbq ribs and chocolate brownies. She probably ate most of that fruit plate. 🙂

I drank frozen margaritas and chatted all night. Emma opened some presents and loved all the attention.

Sunday morning we went to breakfast and then brought flowers to where my Mom is buried. We were happy to see her stone was recently installed.

She is next to my brother Joey. It was nice to visit and there were lots of people bringing flowers to their loved ones.

Emma found sweet pictures in my parents album like this one when she was a baby!

That night we celebrated Halloween.

Emma trick or treated a little bit and also gave out candy at aunt Elayne’s house.

We had so much fun and I think Emma will always remember these days filled with love.

visit with family in L.A.

We took a short flight and ate lollies.


Aunt Elayne gave Emma a Frozen puzzle that she did over and over again during our stay.

Elayne made us yummy waffle breakfast. The koala family liked it too. ^_^

We visited Grandma and Grandpa in their new apartment.

Emma thinks Grandpa is quite silly.

We walked around Wilderness Park and saw this snout nosed turtle in the pond.

Emma played with her cousin Brody at the park.

We visited the ocean and felt the cool waves on our feet.

We walked around at the Third Street Promenade in Santa Monica. Took photo booth pictures at Urban Outfitters.

Drank smoothies in the sun and watched all the stylish people go by.

Ate strawberry shortcake, and blew out candles just for fun.

We spent lots of time with Grandma and Grandpa.

Emma climbed this rock wall to the top!

first airplane ride


We flew down to L.A. this past weekend and Emma Clover rode in an airplane for the first time. I was anxious for the flight because we had been suffering for the week prior with colds and head congestion but both of us were fine with the change in air pressure. Due to Fleet Week we were stuck on the runway for almost an hour before we actually took off and it was hard for Em to sit in her seat. Eventually we ascended into the air and Clovey fell asleep for the short flight down to Los Angeles.

On the way home we departed out of LAX and that airport is so busy all of the time. We waited in long lines that proved to look worse than they actually were and got through security with ease. The terminals were super crowded but we always found a seat. Our flight left on time and before we knew it we were home again. I will definitely fly again next time because Emma gets so car sick when we drive and it is a very long time to be strapped in a car seat. This method was so much easier!

I love these pictures of Emma from our return flight. She is wearing dress-up clothes and watching Little Bear on the tablet, while eating a lolly. For an almost three-year-old it doesn’t get much better than this.