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festive birthday times

I ordered the Early Riser Companion book in the winter (through a Kickstarter project) and it arrived at the end of July. I was so glad to receive it a week before my birthday.

We visited the Tail of the Yak and I got some pretty fabric trim. I also bought myself some straw flowers.

Clover made this garland from ribbons she had and her and maiki bought me yummy shortbread cookies, both Walkers and Miette. It all felt so special.

b-day road trip

Reserved one of our regular City Car Share cars and went on a road trip. Visited our old home and old haunts. My actual birthday we went wine tasting and came home with a mostly full case of wine. ^_^ We made a figure eight of a drive there and back and made sure we crossed all three north bay area bridges in the process. Today off to the Renegade Craft Fair at Fort Mason!