lately in July

Feeling better these days. I nap in the afternoons sometimes but feeling that I have much more energy than before. Last month at this time I was still experiencing major fatigue. I would never know if I would be too tired to go through with plans made. This month feels so different. I am not managing exhaustion from previous days but just the moment I am in. I can handle that, it makes much more sense. I still fall asleep after every shower but its progress!

Black eyed susans in the gardens.

Visited a beautiful Morrocan store on Piedmont ave.

Emma organized this drawer for me.

Drying out this years straw flowers on the balcony.

Got myself a watch as a birthday present and it arrived sooner than expected.

Moved furniture around in the living room again.

new chairs

We have had our table for five or six years now but we always had a long bench that was sold with it from Ikea. It is incredibly useful along with the matching stool. We have used them all over our apartment. I eventually decided that I wanted a chair with a back rest, especially during my months with long covid and picked out chairs that fit just right. They look great together and are very comfortable. 🙂

mini me

maiki took this photo last week. When they sent it to me I did a double take. Emma is almost as tall as me and wearing my boots.

Also, we both love to borrow maiki’s scarf. A couple days later I cut off all of her hair, at her request. 🙂

petting zoo at the library

We were so excited to visit the petting zoo at the Lakeview library. It has been a couple of years since they had it (stupid pandemic) and we were both looking forward to it. Of course the rabbits are the favorites but all the animals were fun and full of personality. Unfortunately I did not get a photo of the alpaca but it was very soft and had a cute face.

In the library Emma submitted her first twenty books for the summer reading program and received a free book and family passes to the Oakland zoo. It was a happy surprise to receive the zoo passes. maiki and I were just discussing a visit and noted I could rent a wheel chair or we could take a shuttle tour. I love the Oakland zoo and am looking forward to visiting with maiki for their first time.