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lately, in photos







Ah November. Its colder, rainier and shares the most beautiful light before all is dark again. I am forever eating soups, sipping tea and eating my weight in toasted bread to keep warm. This winter the couch and blankets will gets lots of love. We have been watching some interesting new shows like the Detectorists and Scorpion and enjoying old favorites like Elementary and Agents of Shield. Also there is another new show that is really great if you can get past the title. ^_^

novembers: a look back

We all just moved to Berkeley and lived in Cloud Ninth. It was fun times. I loved to ride my bicycle along the Bay Trail and see the birds at the Aquatic Park. Together we played Quiddler and Magic the Gathering.

Still at C9th this year and having fun exploring the Bay Area. I was going to SF for school and maiki to San Jose to visit SVBC. We had a projector and watched a ton of media.

We had moved to Highwind and it was a cold and drafty house! We drank a lot to keep warm. maiki figured out how to make fantastic hot toddies. I worked at the Bread Workshop and practiced calligraphy. In Japantown, Bushi Tei Bistro opened and maiki and I enjoyed Humanitas Cabernet and Sake flights.