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interior photography of Simon Watson

Rich colors and texture. Layers of fabrics and patterns. Loving every image of these homes photographed by Simon Watson, posted in New York Times magazine and featured in a new book “The Lives of Others.”

Simon Watson, Morocco
Simon Watson, Italy
Simon Watson, Northern Ireland
Simon Watson, Milan
Simon Watson, Morocco

and this amazing private home!

Simon Watson, Naples

through Clover’s lens

Last year we gave Clover (age 3 at the time) a Sony digital camera to take pictures with. Every once in a while we upload them and see how she how the world looks from her perspective.

at the Oakland museum


our suitcase, on our way to the airport


trees from the balcony

mermaid, a portrait of a beloved toy

on a walk

Sally cat

maiki working at the big table

relaxing on the couch

our neighborhood

lake merritt

self portrait

photograph by Sam Abell

National Hotel Moscow
national-hotel-moscow-1983 sam abell

Seen here, via Brian Ferry

Sometimes photography can really give me goosebumps. Most photographers that Brian Ferry post about do that to me. One of my currents favorites is Anna Gawlak, but I found her site through Miss Moss. Most of my feeds are photo blogs but mostly just interiors and the like.

On a side note, I have been loving on lemons lately. Lemon with everything! Helps that we have a lemon tree in our yard. Even painted our little lemon tree with watercolors the other day. Its looks nice hanging in the cottage window.

Lately I’m loving these things…

Its no secret that I love the Satorialist. His life seems like a dream—traveling and photographing lovely people around the world. I seem to be more inspired by the menswear and the recent Satorialist lunch video had me squealing a bit. Lately the style profile of Sam Lambert and photos of Milan street style have been memorable.

Interior photography from the homes of Fay Andrada and Jessica Barensfield & Simon Howell. They both utilize similar pieces that our cottage has (probably all from Ikea ^_^) and small space design is always of particular interest to me. The white walls, artwork and plants combined with an industrial, re-purposed feel is what draws me in. I would like to post more interior photos of our space. Our cottage is my favorite place to be.

Emma Clover is quickly growing out of her clothes again and I have been thinking about getting some organic cotton pieces from the Dharma Trading Co. They are great for dyeing and maiki and I have repeatedly discussed creating our own images and patterns for Emma’s clothing. We do really enjoy dressing Emma in Kiwi Organic pants and Zutano shirts. I found their clothes second hand and like the good quality and comfortable fit. I would even buy them new I like them so much.

My favorite people.