Lately I’m loving these things…

Its no secret that I love the Satorialist. His life seems like a dream—traveling and photographing lovely people around the world. I seem to be more inspired by the menswear and the recent Satorialist lunch video had me squealing a bit. Lately the style profile of Sam Lambert and photos of Milan street style have been memorable.

Interior photography from the homes of Fay Andrada and Jessica Barensfield & Simon Howell. They both utilize similar pieces that our cottage has (probably all from Ikea ^_^) and small space design is always of particular interest to me. The white walls, artwork and plants combined with an industrial, re-purposed feel is what draws me in. I would like to post more interior photos of our space. Our cottage is my favorite place to be.

Emma Clover is quickly growing out of her clothes again and I have been thinking about getting some organic cotton pieces from the Dharma Trading Co. They are great for dyeing and maiki and I have repeatedly discussed creating our own images and patterns for Emma’s clothing. We do really enjoy dressing Emma in Kiwi Organic pants and Zutano shirts. I found their clothes second hand and like the good quality and comfortable fit. I would even buy them new I like them so much.

My favorite people.

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