more to love…

maiki and I recently watched the live action Solanin. It was really wonderful (unlike the live action Honey & Clover which was was cheesy). Afterwards I found myself excited for spring, wanting to get a super cute hair cut (which I did!) and fell in love with listening to music from my head phones all over again. Ha, ha, as superficial as all that sounds, it is a moving story. To be honest if it wasn’t for the love I have and receive from my little family I may be writing a post about depression and questioning the meaning in my life. Its a really deep story like that. Read the manga first because then you get all the little nuances that make it special.

Speaking of music and Honey and Clover, the film does have a wonderful soundtrack that I have been listening to on repeat. Also just acquired a lot of Tchaikovsky and it is helping me to feel like I can branch out with my musical tastes. There is so much music that I want to listen to, especially jazz and classical.

I have also been working a little less and spending more time with Emma Clover. I just started feeding her rice cereal and fruit (apples and bananas) and its the little things that get me. Watching her splash in the bath, hearing her talk and laugh, and being utterly amazed that she can grow so long so fast. Being a mom is the best thing I have ever done.

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