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smaller is better

hearth studio-gardenista

I am always enamored of places that are simple and functional. When I think about future homes it always tends to be a humble abode, some place that does not stress me but a calming spot to rest my head. A space small enough to feel cozy and spacious enough that we were not on top of each other. Growing up in a large family with a builder father every house was huge. Most of them two stories and had rooms that we never used. They could house guests or extra family members but we all felt so far away from one another. I always had my own room but longed for something more intimate. Now that I have a child, a family cottage really appeals so me. Our previous cottage was almost perfect for our needs except that it was not ours and so we could not easily fix the parts we did not like. It was in somebody else’s garden—their space and very clearly not ours to inhabit. Lately these homes have sparked my imagination.

Our current apartment feels luxuriously large compared to the cottage because our main room is so spacious. It also gets a lot of light and we have a balcony to go out on and sit in a patch of sun. Its interesting how Clover’s things occupy most of our living area but we don’t mind it. Her things are for playing and learning and that trumps all. We were enough tossing around the idea of getting a little play kitchen for her. Why not, we have the space. For now we are here and its so nice. Someday, I think we will travel and leave this all behind. Gladly letting go of the things that weigh us down. We get rid of things little by little now for when that time comes but for now we are here and it is good.