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thanksgiving post

Having a nice relaxing holiday with four days off in a row. On Thanksgiving I walked with a sleeping Emma to the Aquatic park where I saw ducks, egrets and a pelican. At home we ate stuffing, cheese and pumpkin soup. Drank wine and ate chocolate covered pretzles. Watched Kung Fu Panda (one of my favorite movies!) and Objectified. It was our kind of holiday celebrating.

The next few days have been spent playing at the park, doing laundry, adding to my Pinterest boards, watching Kung Fu Panda 2 , getting a much needed haircut, road tripping to the Mitsuwa Marketplace and eating sweets with lots of tea. Emma Clover is practicing standing, drinking from a cup, feeding herself and playing with her new red¬†matryoshka dolls. Being a mom to a one-year-old doesn’t leave a lot of down time but when I get the chance I like gazing at amazing places like this one and searching for cute shoes I cannot afford the internets. Its a good life.