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new car

I bought a used Prius from Craigslist! It is very exciting because we have been car free for a really long time; close to 15 years. It is also exciting because we can go adventuring to places we want to move to. We are interested in staying in California and we prefer the northern part of the state.

Our first field trip after getting the car registed was to attend the last and only in person school event which was a meet up at Caesar Chavez park. We also shopped at Berkeley Bowl and just had to get a melon since we had a car to transport it. ^_^

a reset by the water

There is so much going in the world and I have been trying my best to stay informed but gosh it can be overwhelming and heavy. Every day I read about covid 19 and police brutality and poverty and wonder how we will get through this time in history. The rich get richer and the poor get poorer and the middle class is dissolving. Americans are sick and dying and struggling and being beaten and killed and arrested and not getting their basic needs met. It feels dystopian yet I have watched it all unfold before my eyes and it is very real. So I take my family on a hike. We breathe the fresh air and for a moment try not to dwell on the suffering but live in the present moment. On a former landfill we find beauty. A place named after a civil activist who fought as hard as he could to fight oppression. We are revitalized and move forward.

then and now, with the whale mural

On Wednesday we walked down Virginia in Berkeley on our way to Emma’s class and decided to go and see if the whale mural was still there. Turns out there is a lot foliage growing all around the sea animals painted on the wall but we decided to take a picture with the whale to recreate this one that I took back in 2013. It is so very adorable to me and I am happy that Emma played along.