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new car

I bought a used Prius from Craigslist! It is very exciting because we have been car free for a really long time; close to 15 years. It is also exciting because we can go adventuring to places we want to move to. We are interested in staying in California and we prefer the northern part of the state.

Our first field trip after getting the car registed was to attend the last and only in person school event which was a meet up at Caesar Chavez park. We also shopped at Berkeley Bowl and just had to get a melon since we had a car to transport it. ^_^

less waste home

I know that we are on our way to making the cottage waste free but its a lot of work! Must celebrate the small achievements:

*Last weekend we visited the Pasta Shop and bought a pound of provolone sans the extra packaging. They wrapped it in paper for us because we didn’t bring a container but hey its not plastic.

*Planning on hitting up farmers markets but for the time being are enjoying the Monterey Market which offers the same perks of bulk produce with zero packaging.

*Have been filling containers since we’ve lived in Berkeley at the Berkeley Bowl and I rave about their big refill bottles of Giovanni shampoo & conditioner, Kiss My Face soap, and Dr. Bronner magic soap. It feels great to not go through all those plastic bottles.

*Buying more and more bulk foods now from all over Berkeley. Great for nuts, dried fruit, oatmeal, grains, pasta, cereal, teas, and chocolate. Next I want to try filling spice jars, sugar and flour as they run out.

I aim for my kitchen pantry to some day resemble this pantry from a Tasha Tudor illustration.