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less waste home

I know that we are on our way to making the cottage waste free but its a lot of work! Must celebrate the small achievements:

*Last weekend we visited the Pasta Shop and bought a pound of provolone sans the extra packaging. They wrapped it in paper for us because we didn’t bring a container but hey its not plastic.

*Planning on hitting up farmers markets but for the time being are enjoying the Monterey Market which offers the same perks of bulk produce with zero packaging.

*Have been filling containers since we’ve lived in Berkeley at the Berkeley Bowl and I rave about their big refill bottles of Giovanni shampoo & conditioner, Kiss My Face soap, and Dr. Bronner magic soap. It feels great to not go through all those plastic bottles.

*Buying more and more bulk foods now from all over Berkeley. Great for nuts, dried fruit, oatmeal, grains, pasta, cereal, teas, and chocolate. Next I want to try filling spice jars, sugar and flour as they run out.

I aim for my kitchen pantry to some day resemble this pantry from a Tasha Tudor illustration.