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simple dinner plan

Clover was beginning to become more and more picky in her eating habits. She was refusing to eat the dinners that I was making and I was increasing frustrated. I felt that by refusing to eat, Clover was trying to exert more control. When I talked things over with maiki I was hoping to make everything about our home less stressful for Clover, and more comfortable for all of us. We started by cleaning up our space a bit and then ended up talking about the table we eat at. The table was large and against a wall, and we all sat rather spaced out along it. It is great for art projects but no longer a good fit for mealtimes. Right away we decided to get a smaller table and it was just the thing that we needed. We now have our new table facing the balcony and it looks out into the trees. It also has benches that are easy to move around.

I have been reading an interesting book called “Simplicity Parenting” by Kim John and it inspired me to create a meal plan with Clover and post it on the refrigerator. Now she knows what we are having every night and I have been trying to incorporate her in the process more by helping in the kitchen, setting the table and of course the shopping. We always shop together but lately she has been more aware of the meal plan and writing out shopping lists for what we need. She cannot write letters but memorizes everything so she can “read it” back to me.

Including Clover in all of this and having consistent meals has really made a difference. Like the first night she ate her food with no complaints and continues to every evening. With Clover playing a larger part in our dinner time routine and simplifying what we are eating everyone has been much happier.

Monday: Rice/Grains
Tuesday: Pizza
Wednesday: Beans/Quesadillas
Thursday: Soup
Friday: Fish
Saturday: Noodles
Sunday: Free