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lately in photos

We keep ourselves busy and are always having fun. Here is what we have been up to as of late.

Doing school. Learning math, reading Greek myths, going to knitting class, doing a science block on the water cycle, listening to Little House audio stories, reading, writing, spelling, library visits. You get the idea.

Play dates, potlucks and picnics.

Celebrated the harvest moon festival with moon cakes and moon viewing.

Baking and cooking and playing cafe at home.

meal planning in a heat wave

We just had a crazy heat wave where Oakland and Berkeley were 95 degrees. It was terrible really but we ended up eating dinner for two nights outside in Lakeside park which felt much cooler than our apartment. I felt relaxed spending the evening after work outdoors sprawled out on a blanket under the trees despite the warm temps.

Sunday pizza night was almost cancelled but I persevered. I will certainly have to come up with some hot weather dinner options. This is something I have to research because my first thought is eat out in an air conditioned restaurant but that may not be sustainable if we have a summer. Monday we ate tuna sandwiches and Tuesday we got Whole Foods salad bar. Maybe pre-made food is the way to go. Pre-cooked and ready to take to Lakeside park.