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warm things

Our new place is sooo nice but a bit cold sometimes. We have a large glass slider in the living room and lately its been either cool with fresh air or cool with the doors closed. Ha, seriously though we have a heater and its electric as is everything else so that kinda sucks. We have been bundling up at night and wearing hats and scarves in the house. Except Emma who likes to strip down, but then she likes her accessories so she will have no shirt but wearing a wool hat for fashion. Kids are rarely cold since she are always moving. Adults get cold sitting still with their lappies and end up looking for cute warm things. Here is my short list:

This jacket which is so cute and inexpensive.

These Uggs look so lovely and luxurious.

Coyuchi wool blankets look nice.

Every sweater from J Crew mens please.

We of course drink lots of hot tea which is nice and warm and delicious. Trader Joe’s has a autumn herbal one that is great. We like loose peppermint or licorice and Good Earth herbal tea as well. I also just started drinking a decaf gen mai cha and its excellent.

sweet memories

I have been an aunt since I was three-years-old and I have a lot of nieces and nephews (18!). Some of my fondest memories have been times that we have spent together. One memory was when I was taking care of my nieces Hannah and Kelly because they were out of school before their Mom was done with work so she asked if I could help out. I was so excited and planned out all of the things that we could do. One of the days we we went to see “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” in theaters and one we made a gingerbread house and watched a Pipi Longstocking movie. I remember how happy I was to be doing something new (making a gingerbread house) and sharing in some of my favorite things (Pippi Longstocking!). It was such a fun time for me and I miss them so much. Now when I visit I don’t have a lot of time to hang out. I told them we should have a tea party and I can bring them a box of my new favorite tea, Sugar Cookie Sleigh Ride. I am really looking forward to it. <3