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spring break ’09

Tim drove up to stay the week with us. It was really cool to have him here and soon he will our new house mate. I was so glad that his visit lined up with our spring break and I had four days off in a row.

Thursday night all six of us went to see the Watchmen in IMAX at the Metreon. I was one of the only ones that had not read the graphic novel and I did enjoy the movie, but I covered my eyes a lot. It was much more violent than I had anticipated. Pretty much the consensus was that the book was way better, but that is usually the case.

Colin came up the next night, just in time for us to really get into playing Settlers of Catan. It is such an awesome game and we played it a lot (maiki went back to Eudemonia to buy the expansion Cities and Knights and now it is even better). The game is both intuitive and interactive so I really get into playing it. Sunday Amy and Rodrigo came over to play some Settlers and meet everyone at C9th. More geekery ensued and we had a lot of laughs.

Tuesday Tim and maiki and I went to SF and walked over to Japantown. I bought my favorite melon pan we ate lots of other treats. maiki and I picked a bunch of stickers. My lappy looks so wonderful all decorated. I will post a picture soon.

Wednesday I walked with Tim up to the UC Berkeley library and checked it out. Tim said that he cannot wait to get a card there once he is a Berkeley resident. It is one hundred dollars a year and I know that he will get his use out of it, but I wonder if I would if I had it. I am becoming much more interested in teaching myself and learning everything that I can about what interests me. After being back in school for a while, I am in a groove to do this without getting too side tracked. I think that Tim living here will also inspire me—as my other house mates do.

Thursday night maiki and I went to a Literary Potluck at Susan M’s house. She is such a wonderful hostess. It was so much fun seeing familiar faces and meeting new people and everyone that came read something aloud. I brought The Doubtful Guest by Edward Gorey and The Persistence of Yellow by Monique Duvall, my two favorite yellow books. I read poems from the Persistence of Yellow and the other guests seem to enjoy them as much as I do. Before that night I had never heard so much wonderful poetry. I guess that in school I didn’t read anything that really interested me so didn’t I explore it further. It was a really special evening for me.

Now I’m working this weekend and I have some Typography homework but still feeling very much relaxed. The weather has been beautiful and warm and the flowers are all in bloom. It is so enjoyable to stroll along and smell the jasmine that I don’t even want to ride my bike lately because it will all go by too fast. I want to savor every beautiful moment, even if it makes my allergies crazy. Its worth it.

sweet memories

I have been an aunt since I was three-years-old and I have a lot of nieces and nephews (18!). Some of my fondest memories have been times that we have spent together. One memory was when I was taking care of my nieces Hannah and Kelly because they were out of school before their Mom was done with work so she asked if I could help out. I was so excited and planned out all of the things that we could do. One of the days we we went to see “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” in theaters and one we made a gingerbread house and watched a Pipi Longstocking movie. I remember how happy I was to be doing something new (making a gingerbread house) and sharing in some of my favorite things (Pippi Longstocking!). It was such a fun time for me and I miss them so much. Now when I visit I don’t have a lot of time to hang out. I told them we should have a tea party and I can bring them a box of my new favorite tea, Sugar Cookie Sleigh Ride. I am really looking forward to it. <3