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alexander girard

I am a big fan of the design work of Alexander Girad and used his LOVE print in my embossed gift bag last semester. I am attracted to his work because it is simple, whimsical and full of color. I stumbled upon the site maXimo the other day and found that they have partnered with his family to showcases his work and sell items donning his prints. I really want this bicycle!

Alexander “Sandro” Girard was one of the most innovative modern designers of the 20th century. Of all the great designers at Herman Miller in the 1950s and 1960s, Girard is the least well known. From 1952 to 1973, Girard led that company’s textile division, where he brought color and life to the furniture creations of George Nelson and Charles & Ray Eames. Widely considered the greatest colorist and textile designer of modern time, Girard used traditional folk art to infuse color, whimsy, and humor into vibrant modern design. He was able to capture the essence of Latin America while still creating designs that were fresh and contemporary, finding the perfect balance of high and low art forms. In 2000 Girard was the subject of a major retrospective at the Cooper Hewitt, National Design Museum, confirming his place in the pantheon of great mid-century designers.

because I am such a fan girl

I was so excited to discover this spring that most of my favorite logos, packaging, advertisements, etc. had all been created by the same people/design firm. The man behind it all is Joel Templin principal of Templin Brink Design and Hatch Design. I am seriously in awe of the folks that he works with and the designs they produce. I quickly purchased “The Best of 1-and 2- Color Graphics” that he made with Chen Design Associates from Amazon and was excited to discover that he serves on the board for A of A’s Graphic Design department. I was down right giddy when I discovered that a text book I purchased for one of my classes this semester, “Design Basics for Creative Results” featured many Templin Brink’s work. My upcoming homework assignment is to discuss the designs that I really like and explain why and what fundamentals they employ. I basically get to talk about how wonderful their work is. Then if that was not enough to keep me motivated I discovered a new AIGA poster up on the wall at school on Friday and guess what it says?! Hatch is having an open house on November 11th. In San Francisco. And I don’t even have class that day—I am so there! I am so very excited, nervous, and bewildered at my luck. I told maiki that I am bringing him along in case I get there and all of a sudden forget how to speak because I am so nervous. Ooh isn’t life exciting!

productive while I am procrastinating

Feeling productive and very domestic on my day off today.

*Called about charge to my bank card that I didn’t authorize.

*Talked to my Mom on the phone to check in with her and ended up having a political debate.

*Sat out on my balcony and drank tea in the sun with the new plants (bamboo and salvia). Very relaxing after the previous phone calls.

*Read my news feeds. Discovered a new artist and a new site to follow (well they are new to me anyways). And a new graphic designer that I adore.

*Made all the meals that I ate today. Super eggs (egg whites, soy milk, salsa and s+p, scrambled) and pizza (T.J.’s dough, soy mozzarella, olives, marinara sauce).

*Washed three bags of laundry at the laundromat. Put said clothes away. Hung them on hangers in layers that look cute to wear.

*Organized and cleaned out the closet. Took bag of clothes/shoes to the give-away box.

*Watched a Lawrence Lessig video and received a quick, yet succinct history lesson in the experience of America’s past VP’s.

*Rode bikes with Jason to the Berkeley Bowl and bought some groceries. Purchased a bottle of olive oil for homework that I will be creating a new label, logo and design for.

*Wrote a blog post. ^_^

busy days

I have been so busy lately getting accustomed to my new school and work schedule. Plus it’s the beginning of the semester so I feel extra frantic to pick up supplies and be prepared for the class that I am going to. It has been interesting and at first a bit stressful, but once I admitted that I was stressed out and that was okay I got over it. The trouble is that I care more about how I perform now that I am so focused on Graphic Design. I want to be so good and have to admit that this is just the beginning. I am happy though because I am starting to get the fundamentals down. This semester is all about the materials and producing my designs by hand. It can be overwhelming because my hand skills are not yet up to par but I am taking it slow. My work is improving and so is my confidence that I can master the tricks of the trade.

The wonderful thing about taking classes at the Academy of Art is that my instructors have shared a lot of real world information pertaining to the work that we are doing. They explain the industry standards and what is expected from design professionals. One of my instructors has worked with non-profits and smaller companys and another in design firms with big name clients. I feel that their input is so valuable and its neat that I am recieving a well-rounded view. Also it is great how all of my professors teach similar concepts and programs but each offer new insight to the material. I am getting excited for what is to come. There is logo work, print design, and some package design.

I am going to continue to work at the Pasta Shop on the weekends. It pays the bills and I get free food so that makes it worth my time. The funny thing is that it doesn’t leave me much time to do my homework and then there’s the laundry and grocery shopping, etc. that I have defintiely been neglecting. I guess I will just have to live on fresh pasta and raviolis until I get the hang of my new schedule. And I surely will not run out of clothes. *_*

Design Shorts Film Festival

San Francisco Design Week: Design Shorts Film Festival
Here are some of the shorts that I saw. They are linked to you tube videos. Hope you like!

Billy Collins Action Poetry

The White Stripes: “Fell in Love with a Girl” dir. by Michael Gondry

Macho Box dir. by MK12

Typographics dir. by Marcos Ceravalo and Ryan Uhrich

Paul Rand dir. by Imaginary Forces

Frank Film dir. by Frank Mouris

Rabbit dir. by Run Wrake
By the way, this last one is a bit weird!