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favorite recipe: egg and cabbage burritos

This recipe is so much a favorite of mine that I will chose to eat it at any time of the day or night. It is best after a long walk and satisfies my need for both protein and fulfillment. Both maiki and Emma love it too and look at me with happy, thankful faces. The recipe emerged last year one sunny afternoon at the cottage when we had few ingredients on hand and three hungry bellies to fill. Now that I think about it I was probably inspired by the mu shu vegetables we used to get from our favorite Chinese restaurant in Berkeley. I am still going strong on my love of cabbage kick. Hope that you enjoy them as much as we do!

I am not good with measurements so I will just say to eye ball the amount that you think that you will need. I finely chop cabbage and onions. Small bit of broccoli are wonderful too! Saute veggies with a bit of olive oil and finish with a pinch of Italian seasoning, salt and pepper. Remove most of the vegetables to make room for eggs in the pan and place them inside each tortilla with shredded cheese. I add butter to my skillet and four eggs and scramble with the cabbage and onion left in the pan. It will cook quickly. Add eggs to the tortilla and fold. They are fantastic with fistfuls of Italian parsley. I also love adding scallions but I am a big fan of onions.

comfort food

Gabrielle Blair of Design Mom (incidentally she is Jordan Ferney‘s sister) had a handful of contributors write about their favorite comfort foods. It is amazing how we have wonderful memories attached to certain food/drinks and how we go back to that when ingesting them again and again throughout our lives. While reading the post I was making a fantastic smelling cauliflower & potato soup and feeding Emma Clover and was thinking about what comfort foods I had of my own. For me its all about soups!

My mom’s chicken and spaetzel soup. It was my grandmother Frances’ recipe and was hands down my favorite thing growing up.

Tomato soup that I ate in Germany. It was creamy and hot and my body was cold and tired from travel. Soup felt like home to me.

Udon and ramen noodle soup. I cannot get enough! I also feel instantly calmed by a simple cup of miso.

I make completely different soups myself. They are always a blend of vegetables from one of the superb produce markets that I have lived near over the past six years. My specialties are pumpkin, potato/leek/daikon, and split pea with celery. They are usually vegan concoctions and probably never made the same way twice!

I have lost the ability to enjoy food

In keeping up with the long titles, here we are: I have lost the ability to enjoy food. I have this low grade nausea all the time and food just doesn’t taste good. Its a bummer because cooking and eating food are my great pleasures. I am really not even that far along but I feel “morning” sickness already.

A few people have said that I must be having a girl because I am already so sick. I don’t believe it but its interesting how so many do.

One doctor that I spoke to, who is also pregnant, said she had severe sickness early on and she could only eat bagels and pasta. They sound plain so that makes sense since I am not enjoying anything with too much flavor. So far I am not going to eat hard boiled eggs ever again and my favorite pad thai noodles are out, at least for now.

My mutant sense of smell is also increasing daily and the other day I smelled maiki eating a banana from two rooms away. Pretty funny really. I am lucky that maiki is taking all these new changes so well. He has been very supportive!

foodies can save the world

I am so happy. I just watched the TED talks with Jamie Oliver and I love him and all that he is doing. If you haven’t seen it go watch it now!
As a lifelong sufferer of IBS I am always thinking about food and the way it makes me feel. I didn’t grow up cooking and have never taken Home Ec. but once I figured out that I could solve all of my health problems my paying attention to what I ate my life changed. I love to read recipes and modify them to my own tastes. I love to grocery shop, especially at my favorite local markets. And I am whole heartedly attached to the movement of teaching our children about food. I have seen first hand that children can love vegetables, and all kinds of food for that matter. I really want to inspire the children at my school to take care of themselves by modeling and teaching them about the importance of good health from clean water, exercise and healthy food. It is so important and not a difficult undertaking.


I was so happy to discover that due to Thanksgiving I would be missing two classes this week. I had made the decision to stay home in Berkley for the holidays this year rather than visiting my family in L.A. so I was gonna have a week off from school and not be traveling anywhere. Awesome. Kimi and Justin made lots of food for Thanksgiving and all of Cloud 9th was home to celebrate together by playing Quiddler and watching movies. I felt so much happiness being at home with my dear friends and having lots of food that I could eat.

This week I have been watching the Lord of the Rings movies on the projector. I read the Hobbit for the first time a few months ago and then began the Fellowship of the Ring shortly after. Unfortunately due to school I didn’t not get very far into before I decided to jump into the re-screening of the movies. It has been a much more enriching experience watching them for a second time since I have read some of Tolkien’s writing. Also a few of my friends play LOTRO online and seeing the game and hearing about their adventures in Tolkien’s world has also gotten me more excited about the story.

I do have some homework that I am working on. In all of my classes I have made or am making process books. They range in quality from bound notes and sketches to mini portfolios. Also in my comping class I have been creating books, boxes and next shopping bags. It is an exciting time and I finally feel like I have leveled up in my usage of my exacto knife. All of the projects are enjoyable and I actually only have three weeks left in the semester. Time flies when you are crazy stressed huh. But for now I am on holiday and doing my best to enjoy every moment of it. *_*