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I was so happy to discover that due to Thanksgiving I would be missing two classes this week. I had made the decision to stay home in Berkley for the holidays this year rather than visiting my family in L.A. so I was gonna have a week off from school and not be traveling anywhere. Awesome. Kimi and Justin made lots of food for Thanksgiving and all of Cloud 9th was home to celebrate together by playing Quiddler and watching movies. I felt so much happiness being at home with my dear friends and having lots of food that I could eat.

This week I have been watching the Lord of the Rings movies on the projector. I read the Hobbit for the first time a few months ago and then began the Fellowship of the Ring shortly after. Unfortunately due to school I didn’t not get very far into before I decided to jump into the re-screening of the movies. It has been a much more enriching experience watching them for a second time since I have read some of Tolkien’s writing. Also a few of my friends play LOTRO online and seeing the game and hearing about their adventures in Tolkien’s world has also gotten me more excited about the story.

I do have some homework that I am working on. In all of my classes I have made or am making process books. They range in quality from bound notes and sketches to mini portfolios. Also in my comping class I have been creating books, boxes and next shopping bags. It is an exciting time and I finally feel like I have leveled up in my usage of my exacto knife. All of the projects are enjoyable and I actually only have three weeks left in the semester. Time flies when you are crazy stressed huh. But for now I am on holiday and doing my best to enjoy every moment of it. *_*

tales of a gamer girl

Friday maiki and I went to Game Stop and picked up two new black DS Lites. This was my very first game console and I also got three games to play with. I picked out Brain Age, Mah Jong and Arctic Tale. So far I am having a lot of fun with it. Playing games on the Bart really makes the time go by super fast. I have been looking at getting a gel skin for it and there are lots of neat artists on this site. I am having a difficult time deciding which one to chose.

I also made a character for Lord of the Rings Online, a game which my friends love. She is a hobbit minstrel and I named her Lilyfoot. I played through a bit of the beginning, just long enough to kill some spiders. I am hoping to be a healer for my friends and learn more about the crafting and baking abilities that you can have. It sounds fun and the world is really beautiful. This is really my first venture into the world of video gaming and it seems that since school has ended I have dove head first into it. hehe *_*