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foodies can save the world

I am so happy. I just watched the TED talks with Jamie Oliver and I love him and all that he is doing. If you haven’t seen it go watch it now!
As a lifelong sufferer of IBS I am always thinking about food and the way it makes me feel. I didn’t grow up cooking and have never taken Home Ec. but once I figured out that I could solve all of my health problems my paying attention to what I ate my life changed. I love to read recipes and modify them to my own tastes. I love to grocery shop, especially at my favorite local markets. And I am whole heartedly attached to the movement of teaching our children about food. I have seen first hand that children can love vegetables, and all kinds of food for that matter. I really want to inspire the children at my school to take care of themselves by modeling and teaching them about the importance of good health from clean water, exercise and healthy food. It is so important and not a difficult undertaking.