comfort food

Gabrielle Blair of Design Mom (incidentally she is Jordan Ferney‘s sister) had a handful of contributors write about their favorite comfort foods. It is amazing how we have wonderful memories attached to certain food/drinks and how we go back to that when ingesting them again and again throughout our lives. While reading the post I was making a fantastic smelling cauliflower & potato soup and feeding Emma Clover and was thinking about what comfort foods I had of my own. For me its all about soups!

My mom’s chicken and spaetzel soup. It was my grandmother Frances’ recipe and was hands down my favorite thing growing up.

Tomato soup that I ate in Germany. It was creamy and hot and my body was cold and tired from travel. Soup felt like home to me.

Udon and ramen noodle soup. I cannot get enough! I also feel instantly calmed by a simple cup of miso.

I make completely different soups myself. They are always a blend of vegetables from one of the superb produce markets that I have lived near over the past six years. My specialties are pumpkin, potato/leek/daikon, and split pea with celery. They are usually vegan concoctions and probably never made the same way twice!

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