A couple years back I received a small 3 cup food processor. It is easy to take apart and clean and easy to use. I have always been a fan of blending sweet concoctions and smoothies. My favorite is peanut butter and banana.

I was excited to try making vegan chocolate pudding made with avocados. It was a total success and so much cheaper than the local cafe. Emma would rather make pudding with lactose free milk on the stove top but I find chocolate avocado pudding very yummy.

My friend shared her home made hummus and I realized I could do this too! I bought tahini and citrus garlic powder from Trader Joe’s and was jazzed with the result. It was a lower acid version with the citrus garlic powder and I also like to add cumin.

Next I tried vegan pesto made with nutritional yeast and sunflower seeds. The processor couldn’t make the seeds smooth because they were below the blades but I enjoy the texture. Arugula pesto is also awesome if one doesn’t have basil.

I am having so much fun with this little appliance. I wish I would have bought one years ago. Do you have any good recipes for blending in a food processor?

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