I have lost the ability to enjoy food

In keeping up with the long titles, here we are: I have lost the ability to enjoy food. I have this low grade nausea all the time and food just doesn’t taste good. Its a bummer because cooking and eating food are my great pleasures. I am really not even that far along but I feel “morning” sickness already.

A few people have said that I must be having a girl because I am already so sick. I don’t believe it but its interesting how so many do.

One doctor that I spoke to, who is also pregnant, said she had severe sickness early on and she could only eat bagels and pasta. They sound plain so that makes sense since I am not enjoying anything with too much flavor. So far I am not going to eat hard boiled eggs ever again and my favorite pad thai noodles are out, at least for now.

My mutant sense of smell is also increasing daily and the other day I smelled maiki eating a banana from two rooms away. Pretty funny really. I am lucky that maiki is taking all these new changes so well. He has been very supportive!

One thought on “I have lost the ability to enjoy food

  1. Oh my!!

    Some of my favorite bland stuff:

    — rice porridge!! It is my favorite! You just make rice like usual except you use twice the water. Squishy! I totally eat it plain. Some people put a yam in it and it gets super super super squishy (I like it). When I was a kid I used to put pork sung in it. Only a little.

    — plain oatmeal! Sometimes with honey… can you eat honey? The labels always say that infants can’t eat honey because of the… the… immune system… thingy… right? But you have an immune system so it’s only when the baby is an infant and doesn’t have your immune system working for it anymore, right?

    — plain rice cakes! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Puffed_Rice_Cakes.jpg
    They come in all kinds of crazy flavors… but I like plain the best. Haha. I once watched my friend Suzanne put cream cheese on a plain rice cake and I was like “WOW I hadn’t even thought of putting anything on a rice cake before!!” Can you eat cream cheese?

    Maybe this is all irrelevant! But I love bland foods and it’s rare that I get to, like, talk about them or something, because they are so bland. Hahaha

    This is weird cuz other times I also like overburdening my food with soy sauce and bbq sauce and stuff. I am a confused individual.

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