because I am such a fan girl

I was so excited to discover this spring that most of my favorite logos, packaging, advertisements, etc. had all been created by the same people/design firm. The man behind it all is Joel Templin principal of Templin Brink Design and Hatch Design. I am seriously in awe of the folks that he works with and the designs they produce. I quickly purchased “The Best of 1-and 2- Color Graphics” that he made with Chen Design Associates from Amazon and was excited to discover that he serves on the board for A of A’s Graphic Design department. I was down right giddy when I discovered that a text book I purchased for one of my classes this semester, “Design Basics for Creative Results” featured many Templin Brink’s work. My upcoming homework assignment is to discuss the designs that I really like and explain why and what fundamentals they employ. I basically get to talk about how wonderful their work is. Then if that was not enough to keep me motivated I discovered a new AIGA poster up on the wall at school on Friday and guess what it says?! Hatch is having an open house on November 11th. In San Francisco. And I don’t even have class that day—I am so there! I am so very excited, nervous, and bewildered at my luck. I told maiki that I am bringing him along in case I get there and all of a sudden forget how to speak because I am so nervous. Ooh isn’t life exciting!

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