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a lovely time

our family photo taken by Diana Cossio

It has been a long time since I have sat down to write something here, I miss it but I have a ten month old baby so I have learned to relax a little. This experience of being a mother is even more beautiful every day. Lately my mornings begin with seeing her grin at me through the slats of her crib, so proud that she rolled over and happy she has found the tag on her mattress. The little things really add up. We may not have a lot of money but our cottage is comfortable. I cannot afford all the cute shoes and clothes I look at but I make the most with what I have. I am fortunate to live near the very best markets and the quality of produce we have is enviable I am sure. I am doing my best to live in the moment with Emma Clover and she is growing really fast (like wearing 18 mo. clothes)!

In the past couple months I have really enjoyed these things:

Birthday shoes from my sister Barbara. A pair of red Superga sneakers. Red shoes really make my whole day better!

Watching good shows with maiki. We like Alphas, Newsroom and Perception. And of course Naruto! Naruto is truly amazing.

Eating avocado, bananas, oatmeal (and all kinds of food really) with Clovey. I love sharing food with her and introducing my favorite things. Recently maiki shared his sushi roll with her. ^_^

Walking around Berkeley with my family. I sometimes complain that its boring but I am beginning to change my mind. We still love to go San Francisco and Clovey is a trooper when we do but Berkeley is satisfying me lately. Park outings and the newly opened Cafe Clem and the Sightglass coffee cart may be the reasons why!

Brunch at the Samovar tea lounge with maiki. They have this amazing russian black tea that is smokey. Also enjoying really good tea at home. My favorites are paris tea, cinnamon black vanilla, Kusmi earl gray, and mango iced tea.

Family from L.A. visiting us here so we don’t have to travel. I am glad that we have a photo gallery they can keep up with but its so much more fun for them to see Clovey in person. She really has the best temperament.

Routines with Clovey at the beginning and end of my days. Her and maiki walk me to the street every morning and kiss me good bye before I ride away. And every night I feed her a bottle before she goes to bed. I hold her close and sometimes walk around with her til she falls asleep.