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books & blankets


Last week we visited the Oakland Museum of California and borrowed some books and a blanket and went out to the the garden. The books and blankets program was a new offering this summer to encourage families to visit. We read two out of three of the library book we were given (since one was for teens) and laid out on our blanket under the trees. It was super relaxing and a nice addition to our visit. I love the gardens at the museum and the Blue Oak cafe, where we often to visit to listen to musicians play, and they are free to visit without purchasing admission to the galleries. Adding the opportunity for families to get a blanket and books to inspire a picnic or play time in the grass was a great idea. ^_^


becoming a reader

I had resolved to read more books. I wanted to read more books and less blogs I would say but then go for months without finding one. Sometimes I would get one from the library or thrift shop but I felt like it was kind of slow going until this year when maiki bought me a Kindle. I was not into the idea at first because I did not want to spend money on e-books. I never imagined that I would be able to check out books from the library, but found that the Oakland public library had a large number of e-books available to borrow and the process was super easy. Once I started reading with the device I noticed that I was sailing through books. Now the list of books that I have read since amazes me and I am so happy to say that I am now a reader.

Books Read in 2015

All Joy and No Fun


The Year of Magical Thinking

The Signature of All Things

Jane Eyre

A Tale of Two Castles

Lots of Candles, Plenty of Cake

How to Talk So Kids Will Listen

Danish Way of Parenting

A Little History of the World

The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up

A Tale for the Time Being

All the Light We Cannot See

emma at three years and five months


Clover is a few days shy of three years and five months and now seems so big. I tell her every day that she is growing so well. I see more of a big kid than the toddler that she once was.

three yrs four mos

Clover still loves the same things: books, Calico Critters and playing with her tea set.


Clover also now really enjoys legos, acting out stories for her wooden Little Bear friends, blocks and transportation toys.

In the mornings she plays for hours and with every single things that she owns. Its amazes me.

Sometimes I plan activities but mostly she likes free play that is self directed. Play dough and painting are fun activities we like to do together at the table.

There is always time for sitting down and reading books. All books, all the time around here. ^_^

a new photo book

I made a book to catalog pictures for Emma that tell a story about her origins. I had a bunch of old scanned photos that I wasn’t sure would print well but it really worked out. I do not keep photo albums and have many hundreds of photos in hard drives. My solution has been to create these simple books for Emma using Mixbook (they are about $30 each). She loves her previous books made with Instagram pictures that illustrate the days we have shared since I started staying home with her. This new one includes photos of me pregnant and her as a baby that we have yet to print. Needless to say the last pages of the book that include the photos of Emma are her favorite.