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Book list 2019

The Clock Maker’s Daughter
The Forgotten Garden
Almost Everything
The Lighthouse Keeper’s Daughter
Crazy Rich Asians
The Buried Giant
Normal People
Where the Crawdads Sing
Educated: a Memoir
At the Water’s Edge
How to Be a Good Creature
Six Seasons: A New Way with Vegetables

set to read next:
To Say Nothing of the Dog

Last year my list had 14 novels and the year before had 13. I guess I am pretty consistently reading a fictional book a month myself. This year Emma was always reading or I was reading to her. We have read Laura Ingalls Wilder books following her life from “Little House in the Big Woods” to “By the Shores of Silver Lake.” I am ready for some new stories for both of us!

book list 2018

I felt like I could have read even more books this year! Still loving that I check out library books and have them sent to my Kindle!

Here is my 2018 book list:

Me Before You
The Light of Paris
The Readers of Broken Wheel Recomend
The Lake House
The Women in the Castle
The Storied Life of A.J. Fikry
The Cafe by the Sea
The Pilot’s Wife
Distant Shores
Wuthering Heights
Water for Elephants
My Name is Lucy Barton
Olive Kittrege

I finished: Dinner: A Love Story and Worn Stories

Still reading: Autumn by Ali Smith

I reread: The Little Paris Bookshop

Also, do cookbooks count? Because I read a lot of those too.

2017 Book List

The Light of Paris

A Piece of the World

Miller’s Valley: A Novel

The Other Einstein

Circling the Sun

To Capture What We Cannot Keep

At the Waters Edge

Between the World and Me

The Course of Love

The Historian

Juliet: A Novel

Modern Lovers

A Man Called Ove

This year I read some of the best books of my life and some of the fiction was based on truly amazing women. The year was a tough one for so many reasons, but good books make the world brighter for me. As I have mentioned before I love using the library to read books on my Kindle. It has been a great experience and I appreciate not having to purchase e-books.

holiday reading

We have been reading a lot more since school is out for the holiday and our activities are on hold. It has been nice to visit the library with more frequency and we have read so many great books lately. Usually I will find many new picture books and a few non-fiction and Emma will pick up a stack of the short character stories like Strawberry Shortcake and Peppa Pig and we will read through them all. Here are some of the holiday/winter titles that we have been enjoying at home and from the library.

At home we own many books by Jan Brett as we love her illustrations. “Gingerbread Baby” and “The Mitten” are favorites. I also picked up this tiny copy of the “12 Days of Christmas.” The way she uses borders around the main pictures in all of her books is so brilliant.

I recently ordered a copy of a book from the Noisy Village series that we did not yet have. I know there is a “Christmas in Noisy Village” but I had read that you could get the same story by getting the longer chapter book. We have not read the whole thing yet but skipped to the chapters in the middle where they celebrate Christmas and it is wonderful!

Emma is in love with the book about “The Dolls’ Christmas” by Tasha Tudor. I picked it up at the library knowing she would fancy it and I had no idea that it was a true-ish story! Such a sweet little read.

We were sad to be missing “The Nutcracker” this year (although the holiday concert was a fantastic event) but still read the story often. We own a copy but have to look at other versions whenever we find them because the illustrations are always so good.

Of course we also have “The Snowy Day” and LOVE the new animated version so much. Ezra Jack Keats’ story and style of illustration is so beautiful and the new animated one is up to par.

Thinking about reading the chapters in “Mary Poppins ” where they go downtown to the big department store to buy Christmas presents. We love the part when Maia the star comes in to get things for all of her siblings. Also the part about the gingerbread wrapped in paper with stars gets me every time. It is so memorable.


cool magazines for kids

Started in June 1946 by educators and child development professionals. Now offer publications for a range of ages. Hello 0-2 yrs, High Five 2-6 yrs, Highlights 6-12 yrs.

National Geographic Kids
Instill a sense of adventure with Nat Geo Kids 6 yrs+ and Little Kids 3-6 yrs.

Ranger Rick Produced by the National Wildlife Federation to inspire a future generation of conservationists. Ranger Rick 7-12 yrs, Ranger Rick Jr. 4-7 yrs,
Ranger Rick Cub 0-4 yrs

Cricket Media Cricket media has grown over 40 years to now include eleven quality publications for children in literature, art, science and technology.
Babybug 6months+, Ladybug and Click 3 yrs+, Spider and Ask 6 yrs+, Cricket, Cobblestone, Dig, Faces and Muse 9 yrs+, Cicada 14 yrs+
(Dig into History looks amazing! It is supposed to be the ultimate history and archaeology magazine for children.)

Zoo Books Everything you wanted to know about animals! They explore the anatomy, habitat, socialization, and ecological role of a single animal or animal group in a vibrant, easy to understand way. Zoobies 0-3 yrs, Zootles 3-6 yrs, Zoobooks 6-12 yrs

Bravery Magazine A Kickstarted publication that promotes strong female role models by featuring real, brave smart women that did hard things. 4-9 yrs

Stone Soup Published by the Children’s Art Foundation and going strong since 1973, they believe that reading quality writing by children will inspire children to read and write.

Anorak Magazine A high quality “happy magazine for kids” that encourages children to tap into their imaginations and use their creativity to learn. Dot 2-5 yrs, Anorak 6-12 yrs.

Okido Helps children learn through play with content that stimulates creativity and inspires scientific interest. 3-8 yrs

Kazoo A magazine that celebrates girls for being strong, smart, fierce and above all true to themselves. Within 30 days on Kickstarter this magazine became the most successful journalism campaign in crowdfunding history. 5-10 yrs

Chop Chop A publication to inspire and teach children and families to cook real food together. 5-12 yrs

Brainspace Includes math and science, language and art geared toward an academic audience. 8-14 yrs.

Storytime This magazine collects fairy tales, myths, fairy tales and stories from around the world with games, puzzles and coloring. Stories for all ages.

I was inspired to create this list because I am a home schooling mom and I believe that children love learning when its presented in a fun way. But also because I was disgusted when I saw this image of a Girls Life and Boys Life magazine side by side, taken at the photographer’s local library. We can do better people. So much better.