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eating strawberry pancakes

eating strawberry pancakes as fast as I can make them

Eating strawberry pancakes as fast as I can make them this morning. We were both super excited when we found strawberries in our CSA. Super excited. We talked about how we could use them. She suggested just eating them all right then and there and I thought about putting them in pancakes. So we compromised.

Clover helped make the pancakes and stayed near as they cooked. Using her step stool she can ever the pour the batter in the pan now. We have tried in the past to let her flip them but she always manages to lightly graze the side of the hot pan with her hand so we are both fine waiting to go any further. At four and a half I can trust her near me in the kitchen but she talks so much that I can get easily distracted and find myself sending her away so I can collect my thoughts again. We have a nice groove with pancakes. Pour this flour, whisk these ingredients, smell this cinnamon, taste this bite.

Today we used the rest of the eggs in the carton and I asked if she wanted to use it. She was so happy at the prospect and I wondered why I never thought to offer one before. We have a coffee can of dry beans that she has been playing with since she was about two years old. They are great for little hands to pour into containers and sort. Clover loves this so much and has always been careful not to spill the beans all over. At first we used a towel which makes for easy clean up as well as define the space (where they should stay). Today beans and the egg carton were the perfect pairing. Together we can make preschool at home easy and fun.


I made the best pancakes

I made the best pancakes with anise, almond and orange!

I made the best pancakes with anise, almond and orange! Yesterday we ducked into the Oaktown Spice Shop to avoid some motorcycles coming towards us on the sidewalk and I picked up a little bag of anise seeds. The shop keep told me that they are generally used in making biscotti and pair well with citrus. Maybe they would be good in pancakes I posed, and they thought that was funny but maybe…The thing is that I do not really bake but we make pancakes for breakfast all the time.

This morning I tried it out and it was magic. I cleaned my coffee grinder and put in the anise seeds and then some almonds. I grated an orange and add them to my standard pancake ingredients: one cup of milk, one cup of flour, one or two eggs, a tsp of baking powder and a tps of oil. Then extras like banana, vanilla, a little sugar, and frozen blueberries can be added if you have them or not. The biscotti breakfast pancakes were made with a little brown sugar, a squeeze of the orange and some frozen blueberries. I use coconut oil in the pan to prevent sticking and bit of agave syrup underneath on the plate to lightly sweeten. I will definitely make them again, even Clover said they were the best thing ever!